Vinegar is made from ethanol alcohol. Anything that when fermented will turn to ethanol alcohol can be become vinegar. It is another common household item with multiple uses. Vinegar can be used for everything from science experiments to a window cleaner. Any fruit or grain can become vinegar and that is just a starting point.

Vinegar is acidic and when it is combined with baking soda it will begin to fizz. This fizzing action is what makes it a fun science project for children. The same fizzing that will entertain children makes a vinegar and baking soda a good drain cleaner. Simply pour baking soda into the drain and follow by vinegar.

There are many cleaning uses for vinegar in the home. It is used to clean lime from coffee pots, it will clean windows, and can be used to clean soap scum from the bathtub. Any place that gets a buildup of mineral deposits (such as those from hard water) can be cleaned using vinegar.

Vinegar is used in cooking also. Pickles, many condiments, and a number of food recipes use vinegar. Red wine vinegar, for example, is used as a flavoring in some salads. The flavor of vinegar is determined by what was used in creating it. Different types have different flavors so make sure that you use the type that the recipe calls for.

One of my personal favorite uses of vinegar is that of an organic herbicide. Not many plants can handle being doused by vinegar. Putting it on unwanted or stubborn weeds is an easy fix. It'll also kill plants you want to keep so use it with the same care that you'd use with Roundup and such. Many people are avoiding non organic chemicals in their gardening and this is another option for the organic arsenal.

I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface on the wonders of vinegar. Feel free to comment below with your favorite vinegar idea.