My Grandma swore by vinegar as it could be used for most anything. Vinegar uses for cleaning have been around a long time, but did you know it can be used to freshen the air?

You don't need to buy fancy air sprays or light tons of candles to get rid of odors around the house. Vinegar is very affordable and since you can use it for everything from cleaning the house to skin care, then it doesn't hurt to get a large jug of it.

Below are five tips. Vinegar uses for Air freshening.

1. If you like the idea of a spray for air freshening, you don't have to buy those fancy cans of expensive air fresheners. Here is what you need to make your own air freshener spray.

1 x teaspoon of baking soda

1 x tablespoon of distilled white vinegar

2 x cups of water

Mix the above together and it will foam up a bit, so after it stops foaming, mix it well again and put into a clean spray bottle and spray the air. You don't need much but it is very effective. You can get empty spray bottles from the dollar store. This is one of the best vinegar uses for your stuffy air

2. Do you have kids in sports? Or a hubby or spouse right into sports? Does the front closet or the locker or the basement closet smell like something died because of all their stinky equipment? Then here is some more best vinegar uses for your home. Deodorizing small spaces such as these closets with sports equipment. This will even work in the trunk of your car if it is bad!

Soak a slice of plain white bread in some white vinegar and put it on a plate and leave it in the smelly closet overnight. (You should remove the offenders first of course!) You should find the odor gone by morning. If not, make sure and seek out the offender, and clear the area of any of this sports equipment or stinky shoes and do it again. This should help get rid of that odor overnight.

3. Smoke smell. Another great vinegar use for the air. If you have had a party and a few smokers around to your house, just opening the windows may not be enough, and even if they were out on the porch it sometimes gets in through the windows and opening and closing doors.

So take a shallow bowl and fill with some white vinegar and place it in the worst area of the smoke odor. Use a few bowls if it is everywhere, and by the end of the day you should notice the smell gone. These are great vinegar uses for cleaning the air of smoke

4. Do you have a bathroom mat that tends to smell like mildew? Then try misting the back of the bathroom rug with full strength vinegar from a spray bottle.

5. Vomit. I know this sounds gross, but have you ever had a child or a pet vomit in the car? You cleaned it up, sprayed everything with deodorizer, only to get in the car the next day and that smell is there again, especially when it is hot and sunny? Rather than drive to work with all the windows open on a cold and rainy day, try this trick. This is another great tip on vinegar uses for the car. This works really well! (I know, I have used this vinegar tip for vomit!)

Assuming you have totally cleaned the offending area, then when you get home tonight, place a bowl of white vinegar in the car near where the smell originated from. Leave it in the car overnight. By morning you should notice the smell is gone. But just remember to remove the bowl of vinegar before you drive the car, or you may smell like you have been at the fish and chip shop before you get to work! Write yourself a note to take it out.

This trick works well for any odors in a car, but especially vomit. My dog doesn't do well in a car going to the vet and I have sometimes had to clean up a mess. I used every carpet cleaner and air freshener, and it would just mask it, but this bowl of vinegar did the trick.

Vinegar uses for the household are numerous. It was used all the time in my Grandma's day. It has come full circle again and as we all try and reduce our carbon footprint and use more environmentally friendly products, more and more vinegar uses for cleaning and health are showing up, and this lets us come away from expensive commercial products.