There are vinegar uses for everyday cleaning that work just as well as commercial products. You just have to get used to using them. This is especially true of the bathroom cleaners.

We are all trying to do our part with the environment, and vinegar is a great natural substitute for harsh cleaners.

Just to show you how harsh some commercial cleaners can be, my brother, was being treated for cancer, and had to have chemotherapy. It was recommended that he stay away from chemical cleaners, unless he wore a good air breather mask and heavy rubber gloves, because your skin will absorb chemicals, and in his case his immune system was not at its best with the chemotherapy. He was surprised to hear he was absorbing the cleaners through his skin.

He started using more natural products not only for his health but also for cleaning, and he discovered the vinegar uses for cleaning. My Grandma swore by vinegar and used it for everything, we used to think she was crazy. Why not just buy a bottle of bathroom cleaner? or tile cleaner? or floor cleaner?. She used vinegar for all of those items.

Well that being said, here are Five tips for Vinegar uses for cleaning your bathroom.

1. Bath tub. Pour some white vinegar (it is usually labeled white distilled vinegar) on a damp sponge and wipe the bath, then rinse with cold water. The vinegar will give it shine and kill off bacteria.

2. Grout. If your grout is looking a bit tired or has mildew, then try this. Take a old toothbrush and dip in white vinegar and then scrub the grout, this will get rid of soap scum and any other film that builds up on the grout. It also helps preserve the color of the grout.

3. Shower Curtain. If your shower curtain has seen better days due to soap scum build up and maybe some mildew, then wash it. This is another great tip for vinegar uses for cleaning the bathroom, as it saves on buying a new shower curtain!

Take down your shower curtain, and throw it in your washing machine with a couple of towels. Add 1/2 cup of liquid laundry detergent, 1/2 cup of baking soda and wash on a regular cycle. Then when it comes time for the rinse, add 1 cup of white vinegar, then hang your shower curtain to dry.

4. Shower door tracks. Do you have shower door tracks on your bathtub? Or in a stand alone shower stall? Well this works really well at getting rid of the gunk that build in there. This is a another great vinegar use for the bathroom. Fill the track with vinegar and let soak for an hour or so, then flush with water and you should see the gunk coming off. This makes the shower door tracks work better.

5. Shower Head. If your shower head is getting a film, especially from hard water, or the holes are not letting a good stream of water through, then try this trick. Take a plastic sandwich bag, and half fill it with white vinegar, and using a rubber band attach the bag to the shower head, immersing the shower head in the bag of vinegar. Let it sit like this overnight if you can, then wipe it clean. You should notice the hard water stains gone, and your shower will work better. Let the vinegar in the bag go down the drain and it will freshen the drain too!

Bonus Tip!

6. Toilet Bowl. I find this works just as well as commercial cleaners. Pour about two cups of white vinegar into the toilet bowl and let it sit in the toilet overnight before flushing.

There are many great tips for vinegar uses for everything from cleaning to healthcare, you just have to get into some new habits. Many tips don't even require you to mix much together, but if you have decided to take a more natural approach to cleaning, then here are a few of your basic supplies you should keep on hand. White Vinegar (used a lot for cleaning) apple cider vinegar (used a lot for skin care and health issues) and Baking soda as this also is a natural cleaner. A few clean spray bottles from the dollar store.

There are so many vinegar uses for just about everything in the house, so why not get yourself some large sized containers, and start using it where you can. If you start by using vinegar in the bathroom, just think of all those separate cleaners you will no longer need to buy, or expose yourself to.