Vineyards and Wineries in BC

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You may not know this, but British Columbia has some of the best wine in the world. The temperate climate is perfect for many types of grapes, and BC wineries are very successful in producing several varieties of wine exceedingly well. Vineyards in BC even specialize in a few types of highly sought after wines, such as dessert and ice wines. 

There are a few BC wineries that are really worth checking out, whether you plan to visit their facilities, or simply track down and purchase their wines the next time you're in a VQA or liquor store. This is by no means an inclusive list of BC wineries, it's simply a few of my favourite. BC has many fine vineyards and I couldn't list them all in this little article. 

Ok, let's get started with this article on vineyards and wineries in BC!

Vineyards in BC: Blasted Church Vineyards

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One of my favourite BC vineyards is the Blasted Church Vineyards. Named after an infamous 120 year old church in Okanagan Falls that was moved in the 1930s by using sticks of dynamite to loosen the nails, this BC vineyard has exceptional wine and fantastic branding. 

A frequent winner of wine awards for their fabulous Merlots and Chardonnays, the Blasted Church is well known for their ability to entertain beyond their fine wines. Events are routinely held on the premises, such as the Midnight Service, a party involving a blues / gospel band and BBQ catering. Tickets are pricey, but apparently the party is well worth the cost. The Blasted Church is more than just a great BC vineyard, it's a landmark, so check it out (and check out the church itself, still standing in its second home)!

Vineyards in BC: Road 13 Vineyards

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Road 13 Vineyards is one of the best BC wineries, and a real destination for tourists visiting the are due to its picturesque location and the fact that it looks like a fairytale castle. The grounds and tasting room are designed to resemble a medieval castle, and the effect is pretty cool out in the middle of nowhere. The castle, fortunately, isn't the only thing to write home about, as the wine at Road 13 Vineyards is exceptional, even by the rigorous standards of British Columbia wineries, and not too pricey. 

Tastings are available on the property during the spring, summer and fall, though make sure to check ahead to make sure they are open. They have wine available in three price segments, so you can enjoy purchasing a bottle no matter what your budget is like. Definitely one of the coolest BC wineries to visit. 

Vineyards in BC: Castoro de Oro

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Castoro de Oro is a unique vineyard in the Okanagan Valley that features the noble beaver on a lot of the branding. This is an homage to the fine work done by this creature to shape the land and create the rich agricultural plateaus that have produced this fine wine. 

This BC winery is situated in the "Golden Mile", a stretch of rich, mountainside soil that receives good amounts of sunshine and produces simply excellent wines. This BC winery is a very good place for tastings, and pets are welcome on the premises, provided they are leashed. 

Vineyards in BC: Stay Tuned

This is one of several articles to come, so stay tuned to learn more about fabulous BC wineries. The vineyards in BC are excellent and I'll need several publications to accurately list just a few of my favourites. 

If you're interested in Okanagan wine tours, be sure to check out the Okanagan wine map (Google it!) to see a full list and driving directions!