Vintage Apparel

Vintage apparel, a style of clothing from a previous fashion era, the 20th century to be exact, is generally a simple expression for used clothing or accessories worn during the golden years of fashion -the 1920's to the 1980's - while earlier collectibles of vintage apparel or clothing before the 1920's, is referred to as antique clothing, or relics.

You can start your own unique collection of vintage women clothing by purchasing chic and sophisticated one of a kind piece and then combine and complement them with modern 21st century designs and materials. The plain fact is that finding vintage items to wear or simply collect gets increasingly difficult nowadays. Because of the difficulty in obtaining these styles of the past era, some fashion forward vintage loving individuals ultimately resort to buying exclusive vintage inspired style clothing, and though it can be a little up- end occasionally, each item carefully chosen and purchased is oftentimes a collectors piece. A superb selection of art that can be considered as 'timeless'.

Today, no more than a tiny portion of unused vintage couture pieces can be found. These few vintage apparel and in many instances, accessories, are known by fashion merchandisers as old storehouse items, dead stock, old stock or fresh- old stock'.

Some choice vintage fashion clothing items do remain with their original tags. These are sought and many fashionistas increasingly ask for them as opposed to the used vintage apparel. Used vintage fashion clothing are easily found and can be bought at vintage boutiques and shops, as well as garage sales, estate sales, boot sales, attics, jumble sales, non-profit shops and car boot sales. At the antique and vintage stores within your neighbourhood or in your city, you might be pleasantly surprised to find on display, rare vintage dresses or evening gowns, and in some flea markets rare finds of vintage accessories have been purchased for a tidy sum or a few pounds sterling. You may also visit online shops and search for vintage apparel and accessories. These abound on the internet and browsing these online boutiques will inspire you.

Never limit your selection to vintage apparel. Check out the vintage accessories, bags, costume jewellery, as well as hats, brooches and pins.