vintage snowman Christmas card

Vintage Christmas cards are a unique and popular item to both collect and send. The holidays are truly a joyous time and the tradition of sending Christmas greetings has been going on for over a hundred years. The best thing about vintage Christmas cards is that you can be sure that you are sending out well wishes in a manner that will be appreciated, remembered and displayed proudly.

Where to find vintage Christmas cards?

From flea markets to eBay, there are plenty of unused vintage Christmas cards still around. Occasionally warehouse finds of great quantities of Christmas cards from the 50s and 60s still turn up. Large companies and printers have stored these for decades and eventually they find their way onto the open market. The great thing about finding and buying these old store stock seasonal greeting cards is the cost. Often, an unopened box of vintage Christmas cards and envelopes can be purchased for less than the price of the modern (and often bland) equivalents. How great is it that a truly unique statement can be purchased for such a small sum? The people receiving the cards will be shocked to get an authentic 40 or 50-year-old card and it will make a great conversation starter at Christmas parties, too.

What type of vintage Christmas cards can be found?

The types and styles of cards from years past are truly reflective of societal trends and designs. From the traditional bi-fold designs to pop up cards to animated "action" cards with moving parts to postcard style vintage Christmas themed cards, the myriad designs offer something for everyone. The themes and illustrations span everything from mid-century modern to art deco and Bauhaus to pop art and even op art. Santa Claus, reindeer, villages, churches, Christmas trees, religious themes, sleds, children playing, presents, stockings and so much more can be found beautifully rendered on many vintage Christmas cards.

What about used vintage Christmas cards?

Finding a batch of nice used vintage Christmas cards can be a real bargain! Unless it is a rare card or sought after by a veteran Christmas card collector, the used Christmas card market is truly affordable. Any of the cards with penned personalized inscriptions or personalized printed text can still be put to glorious use. These cards can be scanned into a computer and with a few simple mouse clicks and a graphics program, the offending marks and names can be removed. You can even change or add the inside greeting and a personal message of your very own. These card images can then be printed at home or at a local copy center on card stock for a true one-of-a-kind card that is full of your personality.

Heavily marked up vintage Christmas cards or those that are slightly damaged can be cut up and used for name tags on presents or individual images cut out and used to decorate packages, table settings or a holiday display. There are virtually no old Christmas cards that cannot be repurposed in a unique manner. These cards will really enhance a vintage Christmas holiday theme.

Where can I get vintage Christmas cards on short notice?

Some people live in isolated areas that may not have good antique malls, flea markets or thrift stores. When you need cards in a hurry this can be a problem. Ebay might have what you are looking for, but you may not win the auction and the process can still eat up valuable time. Target usually carries some snazzy retro Christmas cards that will have a vintage feel to them. One of the best things to do on short notice is visit the Vintage Christmas Store on Amazon where select vintage cards and cd roms of vintage Christmas imagery can be purchased. In just a few days, you can have some vintage themed cards or cd roms to make your own delivered to your home. When true vintage is not available on short notice this may be your best bet.

Vintage Christmas cards are sure to be remembered and proudly displayed by everyone that receives them. No more worrying about sending the same card that everyone else sends. The one-of-a kind nature of old Christmas cards show that you care to put forth real, thoughtful effort this holiday season. Whether you find old stock vintage Christmas cards, used cards that you can scan or cut up, or settle on a new retro styled card or even make your own, the time and effort spent on this endeavor will add some extra hip cheer to the holiday season. If you have the aluminum Christmas tree and color wheel, the vintage ornaments and lights and other Christmas decorations, the use of these cards is another detail that will add real authenticity to your vintage Christmas holiday this year. Find your vintage Christmas cards now and be ready for December 25th!

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