The custom of adorning the tree with ornaments during Christmas season can be traced to German origins. Decorations such as candles, fruits and nuts were commonly used by Germans to make their homes and yards lively during this season. Americans started making the tree look festive in the year 1800 using garlands of cookies and popcorn with a wooden stand nailed beneath the tree.

Soon, wax was used in tree branches to illuminate some decorations. The first tree with a set of electric lights was designed by one of Thomas Edison's assistants and became popular in Germany.
Xmas light
Soon, the safety light strand was introduced in 1917 with different colors and shapes. This is now one of the treasured vintage Christmas lights which command a high price in the vintage market.

If you want to make your home different this Christmas, you can make use of unique vintage Christmas lights and combine them with your modern ones. You can also opt to install only this type of lights to display a different kind of taste.

You can search online for a variety of old-style Christmas lanterns or lights that will certainly make your home look attractive and awesome.

However, make sure that that they are still in good condition as ornament. Don't leave vintage Christmas unattended. Be sure to check the lights carefully before plugging them into a wall socket.

If you like the style of old fashioned Christmas tree lights but don't want to risk fire, look online for reproductions. These lights look like vintage lights, but are less risky to use on your Christmas tree.

Real vintage Christmas lights are undeniably charming, but you might want to use them for other Christmas crafts instead of decorating your tree. For example, the vintage bulbs make great necklaces and earrings. They can also be used in centerpieces.

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