All About Vintage Dresses

What Are vintage Gowns ?

Somewhere in the last few years, a new word has been added to our trend vocabulary – vintage! At one time, a term associated with cars and wines, vintage has now become the smuggest word to be introduced to the world of fashion. All it takes is a single compliment to a woman and she gets that smug look on her face – the kind that says, “I searched, I found and I’m totally rocking the look.” Of course, you can never take away from the original creations and the true antiquity of the garment but thanks to the world opening its eyes to vintage, you no longer have to trudge your way to an obscure junk shop or a secret fashionista jumble sale.

A decade ago, if one said vintage clothing, you would immediately conjure up in your mind all your mom and dad’s old pictures with the funny clothes! Today, vintage is about begging your mom and hoping she has stored one of those clothes you found funny.

Everyone from celebs to starlets to socialites to everyday women is clamoring for the look. The easiest reason for this could be value. A synonym vintage is value! You can get the most gorgeous vintage outfits at the most bargain prices. All it requires is exceptional observation skills and quick thinking (you don’t want someone else grabbing the dress before you do).

While buying vintage clothing you need to remember what constitutes vintage and what does not. Your last year’s discarded clothes do not become vintage wear. Vintage can be broken down into various categories. Basically anything from the 50s to the early 90s – all of which so dramatic shifts in fashion would fall under vintage wear.

A vintage dress can be worn to a host of occasions – from a casual evening out to a cocktail party to a formal office meeting. Vintage screams high fashion. The good thing about vintage dressing is that you very rarely run the risk of running into another woman dressed in the exact same outfit. The dreaded slow horror of walking into a party and realizing, ‘Oops, that’s the same dress I’m wearing’ is quite dreaded. Unless you are really unlucky vintage clothing has that distinct advantage.

Most people purchase vintage outfits from thrift sores. Always check for damage while doing so. Remember these outfits are second hand and could be stored for years. The material tends to become weak. Also check for yellowing and rust stains. There are some types of discoloration that don’t go off so easily. A vintage dress is beautiful – it’s exquisite in its delicateness and styling. Always pick an era that you are comfortable dressing in.

Never forget to accessorize well when you wear a vintage dress. If you are planning to go vintage – go the whole way. The hair style especially makes a big difference!  Vintage points to one very important thing – originality. Vintage fashion indicates that you are not just another catwalk clone but a woman with her own cool persona and style quotient.