If you are fixing up a house to be formal and decorative crystal door knobs may be one way to capture the perfect vibe. Cheap crystal door knobs can usually be found quite easily compared to what some people may think. Despite the fact that your typical hardware store or home improvement store may only have a small collection of knobs and pulls to choose form many online retailers specializing in decorative hardware have everything from antique dresser drawer pulls to brushed nickel cabinet knobs, to vintage crystal door knobs and everything is far cheaper than you would ever expect.

Finding Crystal Door Knobs For Sale

Crystal Door Knob On BronzeThe reason these stores can get away with selling these specialized cabinet handles and knobs for so little is because of volume and the warehousing cost savings. An online warehouse can sell to a much bigger market than a local hardware store thus they can afford to stock an exceptionally large amount of variety when compared to a traditional hardware store. An online knobs and pulls retailer can actually keep on hand large selections of commonly used items like cheap nickel drawer pulls and knobs or replacement dresser drawer handles as well as low demand items like glass or crystal door handles and knobs which are more fitting for very formal home décor as opposed to everyday use.

As one might expect crystal or glass door knobs are not often found in most homes these days because our modern culture has changed and modern styles have evolved. Glass or crystal has the tendency to chip or break whereas modern materials like brass, copper, nickel or stainless steel are more durable. Additionally crystal door knobs require more extensive cleaning because they are rarely found in a perfect round shape. Typically crystal door knobs are cut in geometric patters resembling diamonds with many flat areas and corners. These days only the die hard traditionalists and vintage enthusiasts have the time or willingness to devote to delicate hardware such as this.

Types Of Vintage Door Knobs

Nickel Set Crystal Door KnobsOf course glass and crystal door knobs do not actually have to be made of glass or crystal. For those people who love the look of crystal but are not willing or able to spend the money on crystal there are a number of manufacturers who produce crystal inspired plastic door knobs which can look very nice when they are cared for. When paired with the perfect door knob backplate these crystal knobs can be an excellent solution. The feel probably won't match that of crystal exactly but the look may come close.

As previously stated specialty items such as this are not readily found in stores because the demand for these items is usually lacking on a local level to warrant the stocking of such items. For this reason the best place to find crystal door knobs for sale is online on specialty hardware warehouse stores such as Door Knob Discount Center, Pottery Barn, or big merchant retailers such as eBay or Amazon. Amazon in particular is a great place to look for crystal door knobs because they link many small merchants of specialty items into their store offering their customers a massive amount of variety and choices with a simple and familiar store interface.

Cost Of Crystal Knobs And Hardware

Crystal French Door Knob SetsBuying crystal door knobs will typically cost you a bit more than a normal or modern door knob set. Unless you opt for the look-a-like knob sets crystal and glass can run high. A typical crystal door knob can easily run over fifty dollars and can get even more expensive depending upon the backplate that is included and the quality of the crystal. As a comparison you can opt to go with a glass door knob and easily get away with spending less than ten dollars if you are a smart shopper. In the other direction higher end crystal door knobs with vintage or antique inspiration can easily approach a hundred dollars.

If you truly want to buy vintage inspired door knobs then you may have to resort to rummaging through estate sales and yard sales looking for items that are being replaced. Many estate sales have vintage items that have been in pristine condition for decades making them great places to find bargains. Similarly eBay is a great place to find unique vintage items including door knobs and other small hardware as many people liquidate items during remodeling projects. If new vintage inspired pieces do not tickle your fancy you may need to shop for the real thing.

How To Inspect A Crystal Door Knob

Just keep in mind that finding real antique crystal door knobs will be harder than simply buying them new online. They will be expensive too and you will have to know what to look for in used crystal knobs to know if you are getting a good deal. There are a number of things you have to look for to ensure you are getting a pristine piece. Much like shopping for a diamond you need to check an antique crystal door knob for chips and cracks, corrosion, color, cut, and clarity. Crystal also contains lead which adds to its durability and weight so it's a good idea to weigh an item to feel comfortable in buying it.

Some resources for finding sales like this include your local newspaper's classified ads, craigslist listings for your local neighborhood, and simple road signs on the weekends and in residential neighborhoods advertising yard sales and estate sales. Sometimes you can also get a hold of estate auction schedules which may lead you to some gems and heavily discounted prices. Generally speaking vintage or antique crystal will be fairly expensive so if the work involved in finding these pieces at discount seems like too much for you then the easier methods will typically be a bit more expensive which is something to simply keep in mind. And if the cost is just too much you can always downgrade your purchase to glass knobs which are much more affordable.