Vintage diamond jewelry has a lot of different uses and application. You might want to buy an antique looking engagement ring or you just love intricate filigree work. This style can be glamorous or feminine. Here are some tips for buying vintage jewelry or just getting jewelry that looks vintage.


When you go for vintage diamond jewelry stick with really expensive accent stones. Rubies, sapphires and diamonds seemed to be a lot more plentiful back then they are now. If you can't afford large stones then go with smaller accent stones. The gems should be clear so they convey quality. As for metal colors go with whatever is your favorite. White gold can replicate platinum on a budget or stick with a traditional yellow gold style.


Vintage style has a lot of impact. This could either come through in the sheer size of the stone or the setting. In some of these rings the setting is just as important if not more so than the diamond itself. This is great if you are on a budget because you'll be able to get a big look without spending a lot of money on diamonds.

They didn't just make vintage earrings, rings and necklaces. You can also find a lot of fine brooches and pins. You might be able to convert one to a slide. You'll occasionally come across very expensive hair pins that you could wear on your wedding day instead of a traditional veil for an antique air.

Vintage diamond jewelry is expensive so you want to make sure that you invest in a piece that you get a lot of wear out of. Pick something that will match a lot of different outfits or will become a signature piece.

Find a setting that is encrusted with stones or has intricate filigree work. This will give the ring a lot more presence on your finger. It also seems like a lot of estate engagement rings have accent stones such as emeralds and rubies. Make sure that you can still wear the piece with lots of different colors. To have a unique engagement ring that is also sentimental then find a ring that incorporates your fiancé's birthstones.


The shape of the diamond itself will have a lot to do with the antique appeal. Try a traditional round cut for a piece that you'll wear all the time like an engagement ring. For an Old Hollywood look surround the center diamond with a circle of diamonds for a sleek look that still has that wow factor.

Avoid modern cuts like the princess or square. Instead, go for something with curved lines such as an oval or pear shape. This way your diamond jewelry will be different from all of your friends but it will still show off the beauty of the expensive stone.

It might seem like you can save a lot of money by buying "used" pieces but vintage diamond jewelry is always in demand. This means that you might even pay more for it than if you buy it new. Have a jeweler inspect the ring whether you buy it on eBay or a pawn shop to make sure that you are really getting an authentic piece with genuine gemstones.