While it may seem like an incidental item the hardware that is on your door makes a statement to those that visit you, it also can make a good impression on a prospective buyer of the home if you are trying to sell it.

There are many different styles of hardware that is available for the interior and exterior rooms of your home. Vintage door hardware is one style that can provide a unique statement to your home.

Renovating a vintage home can be fun and rewarding and may provide you with more of a home than you could purchase otherwise.

When restoring an older home it is often required that you follow strict regulations if you desire the home to be on a historic register.

Often when restoring these homes it is required that you replace some elements of the home, such as glass and door knobs or hinges.

Since you will probably be trying to stay as close to original as possible you will want to use material that is as close to the original style as possible.

There are several ways that you can find replacement parts. There may be old door knobs in the basement of the home or you may find something that is like the style you are looking for at an antique shop or flea market.

Another way to find vintage door hardware is to check the internet. There are numerous websites that provide a way to locate vintage doorknobs and hinges.

Some of these sites offer a wide variety of vintage products including doorknobs, handles and pulls, switch plates and light fixtures.

Although many of these sites offer reproduction products these products are often the differences between the originals and these reproductions are indecipherable.

They tend to offer a wide variety of door hardware and are likely to have something that is similar to what the house currently has in it or you could decide to change all the hardware throughout the house so that they all are the same.

Using reproduction vintage door hardware can provide you a way to redo the hardware throughout the home and yet remain true to the time period and style of the home.

Not only do these products resemble the originals but they may also provide you with a way to save money.

These products are also a way to save a lot of time spent treasure hunting at flea markets and antique shops.