There are many vintage Fisher Price toys that sell on Ebay. Surprisingly, there are many people who still have the toys from their childhood, boxes and all! As a person who grew up in a Queens, New York apartment, outgrown things were given to others, donated, or tossed. Those who still have their childhood memories also have money waiting to be earned.

As Baby Boomers get older, they wax nostalgic for the toys they once loved as a child. As time goes on, they get increasingly harder to find. Ebay is an outlet where people sell old Fisher Price toys to bidders wanting to reclaim their childhood memories.

To get the most money for your old Fisher Price toys, several factors come into play. First, there is the condition of the item. New and unopened vintage toys (and yes, people do have them) will fetch top dollar.

Having the original box adds value to the toy. The better the condition of the box, the more money it will bring.

A complete play set adds more value to wanting bidders. While incomplete sets do sell for good sums of cash, you get more for an intact vintage toy.

Many vintage Fisher Price toys also have stickers. If the stickers are in good condition, the higher the auction will end.

If you found some of your old toys in Grandma's attic, before you go ahead and list them, do a "Completed Items" search on Ebay and see what the winning bid was. You may want to write a bunch of them down or print them out so you can compare it to your set.

There might also be some items that are exactly the same as you have. Read the descriptions on each unsold item to try and determine why they did not sell.

Many times when a vintage Fisher Price toy goes unsold, it is because the opening bid was too much or the "Buy It Now" price was deemed too high. Any item on Ebay will sell only if someone wants it, and everyone wants it for the best price.

After doing your research, determine what the lowest price you will accept on your item. You can chance the auction and start low, and just deal with it if it does not get bid up higher. Or you can make a "Reserve" price to guarantee that it will only be sold at a price you can live with.

Here are some top selling vintage Fisher Price toys to sell on Ebay.

Play Family Play Rooms #909

This hard to find play set is a funky version of a doll house, but ranch style. There are five rooms, and kids enjoyed the bathroom with an actual Little People toilet.

Play Family Farm #915

This classic toy was produced from 1968-1985. The sets, when complete, do have value. Who could forget the barn door that "moos" when you open it?

Little People Zoo #916

Produced in the mid 1980's, this play set has people and animals for children to enjoy.

Play Family Action Garage #930

This set was one of my personal favorites as a child. With the car lift that goes up when you crank it and then sets the car down the ramp, children never seem to get bored playing with this set.

Play Family Children's Hospital #931

Vintage Fisher Price is a feather in a collector's cap, especially if she has all of the accessories. This toy was only produced for two years, from 1976-1978, making any missing items even harder to find and more expensive to replace.

Fisher Price Amusement Park #932

This vintage toy was also produced for only two years, 1963-1965. This play set looks just like a kiddie amusement park that you visited as a kid!

Sesame Club House #937

This toy came out after the apartment play set, #938, in 1977 and was produced until 1979. There are lots of fun things for your favorite Sesame Street characters to do.

Play Family Sesame Street #938

"Come and Play…"with the Play Family Sesame Street play set. Produced for three years, this is Fisher Price toy is an exact replica of the street we all knew and loved as children. This was the first entirely plastic Fisher Price play set.

Play Family Set #952

The Play Family set had different versions to keep up with the changing décor of the times. There are many accessories for this play set. The more you have the more money you will get!

Cash Register #972

With coins that came out when you cranked the handle, a bell that rang and cute pictures, this vintage Fisher Price toy is one that will sell time and again on Ebay.

Dump Truckers #979

Featuring the classic ramp that so many Fisher Price play sets had, this toy came with trucks and people.

Play Circus Train #991

Animal lovers and circus fans had lots to cheer about when this toy came onto the scene in 1973. It was sold until 1986. Along with the train, it came with people and animals.

Little People Castle #993

This Fisher Price toy was introduced in 1975 and is a top collectible. It stopped being produced in 1977 and was reintroduced again in 1988. There is a drawbridge that makes sounds as it raises and lowers. There are nineteen pieces that come with the set.

Music Box Record Player #995

If you remember phonographs, then you definitely remember this vintage Fisher Price toy. With colorful plastic records that played songs that children knew and loved, this classic Fisher Price toy sells for a good price on Ebay, especially when you have all of the records.

Play Family Airport #996

This vintage Fisher Price toy was produced from 1972-1976. Like many of the classic play sets, it has cars, ramps, and moveable parts.

Fisher Price Little People

Wooden Fisher Price Little People, when sold in large lots, will earn you money on Ebay. Even if the faces are a bit faded, people will still buy them.

There are many more vintage Fisher Price toys that can earn you money when sold on Ebay. Price them right and be accurate with your descriptions to earn the most money.