Fall is the traditional season in which German beer steins come out of the woodworks. Oktoberfest typically falls in the early part of October all around the world and in the tradition of old German festivals dating back to the early 1800s German's drink their beer out of steins.

Today as many big cities across the globe participate in the distinctly German celebration of good food, having fun, and drinking beer there is no better time than to get your own vintage German beer stein. Even if you don't drink beer very often attending any of these celebrations or festivals without one is just not right.

German Beer Stein (27372)Additional vintage beer steins or authentic antique beer steins can be quite ornate and highly decorative. Much like decorative plates can be collected so to can antique beer steins. In fact simply attending any authentic Oktoberfest festival will introduce you to many retailers which can start your collection of with a variety of cheap beer steins. Plastic beer steins and simple mug steins are common on the low end and many of the same retailers carry vintage German steins which can cost upwards of a hundred dollars a piece due to their complexity and decorative design.

For any first time r it is often advisable to stick to the basics and decide if collecting beer steins is something you want to get into. You can always opt for a beer stein mug or a personalized beer stein as many companies can offer you this on the spot or through an online ordering system. Many engraved beer steins are actually vintage inspired as techniques used in today's personalization are not exactly the same techniques used in the 1800s.

Authentic German beer steins run in a number of different price ranges and if you buy your beer stein at the festival you attend you are sure to overpay. There are many retailers online which sell vintage beer steins and modern beer steins for far less and offer features such as personalization and engraving. Low end cheap German beer steins made of plastic or shaped like a simple mug can run for as little as five dollars but the fanciest of all German beir steins can cost well into the hundreds especially if the quality is high and the size of the stein is big.

Some of the best places to buy beer steins are the actual German companies who make them. Companies like North Cote Imports, Dutch Novelties, and Almost Europe have good selections of German beer steins for sale and some of them may even be vintage or antiques rather than vintage inspired.

Other obvious options of finding vintage German beer steins for sale include Amazon and eBay as these sites are huge marketplaces which bring together customers with often small retailers who do not have the same exposure as bigger retailers might. Sites like Amazon can make comparison shopping a breeze while sites like eBay can make it easy to find truly vintage beer steins for sale. Antiques are often sold on eBay and at the very least new used beer steins will be less than the price of most new steins found in stores.

Of course you can always hit your local Oktoberfest this year and pick one up which is personalized to your city and the year of your festival as this is often how many beer stein collections begin. It is fun to slowly watch your collection grow and remember all the amazing German beers you drank to accumulate such an awe inspiring beer stein collection.