Vintage Industrial Carts With Wheels:

Warehouse Cart Coffee Table

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Looking for an amazing new center piece for your living space? Want a functional, durable and movable coffee table for your family room? There are few pieces as cool as vintage industrial carts with wheels, and they are really getting popular these days. They combine great looks, a bespoke, vintage appeal, and surprisingly functional usage.

This article will talk about industrial carts with wheels and how they can be applied to your interior design and living space creation. We'll talk about what makes up a vintage industrial cart and what it was originally used for. We'll touch on the best ways to place, feature and show off your new little antique table in the home, and also where you can track down one of your own and how much you can expect to shell out to get it. 

Let's get going!

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What Are Vintage Industrial Carts With Wheels?

Warehouse Cart Coffee Table

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A vintage industrial cart with wheels is essentially a sturdy, roughly built wooden cart usually carrying between 3 and 4 wheels, depending upon the original usage. They usually consist of wooden planks or boards, held together with nails, pegs or screws. Often, they are held together with metal corner bracing made out of iron or cast iron. They often will be pretty weather-worn, but that generally adds to their charm.

Most of all, they are almost universally large, roughly built, very strong and heavy. Since they were originally intended for an industrial life, they are unapologetically utilitarian. Fortunately, this is a very attractive look in the right setting, and it's a trending style that's growing in popularity. 

What were vintage industrial carts with wheels originally intended for? There was a wide variety of uses, but typically they were set up on small rail systems and used to carry heavy goods around a factory floor. At the turn of the century we didn't have the advantage of powered cargo lifts or hydrolic pallet dollies, so a small rail system was the best option for moving heavy goods back and forth. 

You can see the evidence of their former life in their hardware and patina. Large rail wheels are sure signs of their former life, as are stains, paint, and other 'residue'. It's fun to figure out the history of your warehouse cart coffee cart if you can, it can make a good story. 

Placement in Your Home:

In most cases, industrial carts with wheels can work well in a coffee or side table service. They can be wheeled around your home to a limited degree, so you can reposition it when company comes over. They are often right about the perfect height for entertaining company or putting your feet up. 

As with all vintage industrial furniture, it's a great idea to match your pieces well with the rest of your home. Vintage industrial carts with wheels look simply amazing with a minimalist, modern, vintage, shabby chic or rustic environment. Placed on hardwood flooring with a brick wall in the background, they look simply amazing. Pair it with a few antique decorations and your home will gain a very distinguished character indeed!

Some caveats: industrial furniture is often uniquely 'distressed'. This means that they often have some patina on the metal (read rust) that doesn't always work for all spaces and situations. Also, most vintage industrial furniture is not child safe, so be warned.

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Where to Find, Where to Buy:

Industrial Carts With Wheels

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Ok, so now you know a bit more about what they were originally used for and how to place them effectively in your home for the greatest effect. Let's look now at the best places to track down an industrial cart with wheels of your own. There isn't a definitive list, but here are a few places to begin your search.

Antique Shops, Vintage Stores:

It's hit or miss, but there are some antique shops out there that carry a large inventory of vintage industrial furniture, including wheeled industrial carts. It depends entirely upon the shop (most antique shops will have a certain 'theme' that they stick to), but you can find some really nice pieces with a bit of searching.

There will be some markup in these cases, especially since industrial carts with wheels are popular and getting more popular, so you'll face a bit of 'competition markup'. If you find a piece in need of some extra restoration you might get a good deal, as long as you're willing to put in some elbow grease. 

Industrial Furniture Refurbishers:

There are dedicated industrial furniture refurbishment companies out there. They are dedicated to tracking down, purchasing, refurbishing and reselling really nice examples of warehouse cart coffee tables and thousands of other items. The advantage of finding one of these is you'll be choosing from the finest there is (they typically only buy and restore the coolest pieces), and they restore them very nicely to ensure they'll work in a home setting. The disadvantage? They will be the most expensive place to find your coffee table. 

Warehouse Sales, Estate Sales, Factory Clearance:

Sometimes you can find some vintage industrial carts for sale directly from the original companies. This is just about the most difficult way to find one, but it's also the cheapest. You'll be bidding against other restoration companies, but you can get a great deal this way. Look for old factories going out of business to get started. 

Reproductions (Online):

There are a bunch of beautiful reproduction industrial cart coffee tables to be found, particularly online. They have never been used in an industrial setting, so they won't carry any 'antique' value, and the patina and wear marks will be faked. However, if you're just looking for the look and not the antique price tag, it's a really great option.

If you do buy a warehouse cart coffee table online be aware that they are heavy, so any shipping involved will be pricey. However, many online shops will offer various shipping options, even free.

Good Luck!