Certain vintage Little Tikes toys sell on Ebay for lots of money. Little Tikes is known for it’s durable plastic toys for both indoor use and outdoor use. They last for years and years and are fairly indestructible.

Many manufacturers, Like Little Tikes, eventually discontinue producing certain lines of toys in favor of new and improved versions. Even though they are no longer made, children still love to play with them. There is still a demand for the item, but it must now be met on the secondhand market. This sends the price of the toy, or it’s missing parts and accessories, upward.

If you have some old Little Tikes toys laying around in your garage, basement or storage area, take a look and see if you have an item that sells for good money on Ebay. Do a “Completed Items” search and see the results of auctions that have ended over the past two weeks. You may want to do this for a few weeks to get an idea of a good selling price and how to word your auction items so they sell.

Bear in mind that items will sell only if someone wants it. The time of year and the competition you face at the time of your auction will also effect the final selling price.

Little Tikes Airplane Swing

Shaped like an airplane, children ages nine months to three years old can rock back and forth and pretend they are flying in the sky. My daughter had one and she loved it!

Little Tikes Washer, Dyer and Ironing Board Set

While many kids may no know how to use the collapsible ironing board that comes attached to the dryer, they are sure to recognize the washer and dryer. The knobs turn and click so kids and really feel like they are doing laundry when they put their doll clothes inside.

Little Tikes Kitchen-Three Separate Pieces Together-Sink, Stove and Refrigerator

While all of these items sell hit or miss by themselves, if you have the full set of the white and yellow Little Tikes kitchen, you will more than likely sell it on Ebay for a nice chunk of change.

Little Tikes Football Toy Box

It can be used as a cooler for tailgate parties or for it’s original use, as a toy box or hamper. These are hard to find, especially with the original paint still intact and the hinged lid still attached.

Little Tikes Travel Kitchen with Accessories

What makes this vintage toy unique is that is was made to be portable. You can take it to Grandma’s house or to a waiting room. These are hard to find, especially with all of the original pieces, like the phone and the pots and pans.

Little Tikes Activity Garden

This toy was my daughter’s all time favorite! Now hard to find, this garden comes with three envelopes for the mail box and three vegetables for the garden. Infants and toddlers can crawl around their garden in a semi-enclosed environment.

Even if you do not have the actual garden, the replacement flowers, mail and vegetables sell by themselves for parents looking for the missing pieces.

Blue Roof Dollhouse

Little Tikes has had different doll houses produced over the years, but the discontinued one with the blue roof is a favorite among collectors.

Microscope Science Set

This toy is a rare find. Produced by Little Tikes, this was meant to be an introduction to the world of science for young children. An intact set will have all eleven original parts.

Little Tikes Cast N’ Count Fishing Set

A hard to find treasure, this toy, if complete, comes with a tackle box, a fishing rod and ten numbered fish. Learn gross motor skills and counting all in one play session!

Little Tikes Fire Truck

This fire truck comes with four chunky people firefighters and a chunky Dalmatian figure. The ladder moves up and down and the front section of the fire truck turns.

Little Tikes Play Food

The cheap thin plastic play food made today, which easily bends and breaks, cannot compare to the solid and well made Little Tikes plastic food. That is why large lots of vintage Little Tikes play food sells on Ebay for a good sum of money. Some pieces sell by themselves, as they are so rare. Sold in December, you can get even more money for your lot of play food.

Little Tikes Dollhouse Furniture

Sold in lots, these vintage items sell for top dollar on Ebay. Most of the furniture are replicas of the actual toys Little Tikes produced at the time.

There are a few pieces of dollhouse furniture that can sell for over ten to twenty dollars by themselves in an auction. Some of them are:

  • Green tractor and trailer
  • Victorian pink and white toy chest
  • Cube Climber Slide
  • White play house/cottage with green roof and red door
  • Green turtle sandbox with lid
  • Dollhouse Cozy Coupe
  • Mini Van for family to ride in
  • Green and blue toy chest
  • Brown teddy bear
  • Wheelchair and ramp
  • Workbench
  • Country Kitchen
  • Yarn hair doll
  • Fireplace with mirrored mantel
  • Horse
  • Yellow baby swing
  • Orange and blue slide
  • Truck and horse trailer with fence
  • Little Tikes Vanity Accessories

Like many of the toys Little Tikes produced, they came with many accessories. Children lose accessories. Vanity pieces, like the blow dryer and curlers, are hard to find and sell on Ebay.

Little Tikes Trucks

These plastic versions of trucks are no longer made but are highly valuable to those in search of them. The ones that sell on Ebay are:

2 Level Hauler Semi TruckVintage Little Tikes Toys to Sell on Ebay Waffle BlocksCredit: photo my mommymommymommy

Semi tractor trailer

Motorcycle Hauler

Little Tikes Waffle Block Sets

Waffle blocks are easy for preschoolers to put together and take apart. There are many ways they can be attached. When they first came out, Little Tikes packaged them in sets to make places like farms.

Vintage Little Tikes Chunky People

Sold in lots, these hard to find play characters are perfect for little fingers. They are wide enough to grip and too wide to be put down a mouth.

Many vintage Little Tikes toys sell on Ebay. Take a look around your house and see what treasure you may have in hiding.