One excellent feature of modern homes are the inclusion of magazine racks in the living room and sometimes the bathroom.  This piece however is not specific to modern home furnishings, it has actually been a popular item found in many homes dating back for generations.  Of course like any long established piece of furniture there are plenty of antiques on the market which are waiting to be found in thrift shops, auctions, and even in new furniture stores specializing in antique inspired home furnishings.  The antique metal magazine rack is just one of many popular items that fits this description.

Types Of Metal Magazine Racks

With any vintage piece there are many different styles and varieties available.  Over the course of the decades and generations gone by the overall style and function of these pieces has evolved.  Just like style changes have occurring in the likes of clothes racks, closets, and furniture as well as other home furnishing items like coffee mug trees or hanging wine glass holders the styling of magazine racks has evolved as well.

You can find modern business style wall mounted magazine racks which are often found in business waiting rooms along-side similar items like postcard display stands or brochure holders.  You can also find wood magazine racks styled like old fashioned magazine rack tables.  The most classic rack however is the magazine holder which sits on the ground right next to your living room chair.  These racks are usually made of wood or metal and many have elements of both built into their design.

In fact many vintage metal magazine racks are made of a metal frame shaped like a “V”.  These racks are often made of wrought iron or bronze while some are made of heavy duty steel materials.  Some modern stands are also made of lighter weight metals like aluminum or brass but they all serve the same purpose and they all have various elements of design which are specific to the times they were made in and the level of ornamental detail built into their overall design schematic.

Some other types of vintage magazine holders do not fit into the simple “V” shape but are shaped more like a “U” or like a full basket.  These magazine baskets obviously hold more magazines than some smaller options but they are also styled in a more vintage or old fashioned design.  Older models of magazine holders usually were larger as large newspapers were more commonly used and books were more frequently hard backed and larger than many are made today.  Also because the television and internet were not as present or not present at all many people read more physical literature and thus the racks and holders for magazines and newspapers were larger as well.

Vintage Magazine Holders In A Modern Home

Today these vintage inspired or true antique magazine racks are just as useful and stylish as they ever were before.  Although buying true antiques can be expensive you can usually bet that a magazine rack that has held up well for the past fifty years will probably continue to hold up for the foreseeable future.

Newer magazine racks sold in discount stores may be made of metal but the craftsmanship may be of lower quality so always keep this in mind while shopping for new items.  You may be saving a few bucks today but if your metal magazine rack designed with antique styling may not last anywhere near as long as the real thing.

Many true antiques can be found online at places like eBay or other auction sites and also can be found through traditional thrift shops and antique stores.  If you want a magazine rack with vintage design then one excellent place to look is Amazon where many small merchants ell interesting and unique items.  Big online retailers like this make comparison shopping really easy too so you can find exactly what you want in your ideal price range.