If you have a teenager who is a pack rat and cannot throw anything away, then you need to have her clean out her closet and the basement so she can make money selling vintage Nickelodeon items on Ebay. Although toys from the 1990’s are not antiques in the true definition of the word, they are very hard to find. Before cable television, once a television program went off the air, it was never to be seen again. Thanks to endless reruns on the Nick Jr. and Sprout cable channels, beloved favorites from ten or fifteen years ago are still being watched by preschoolers today.

However, the tie-in merchandise for most of these shows is virtually non-existent in retail stores. Parents and grandparents who want to give their favorite little person more than a book with the characters of the show have to go to second hand establishments to find them.

Parents can find vintage Nickelodeon items at yard sales and thrift stores. This shopping method is time consuming and hit-or-miss. If you, as a potential Ebay seller, find Nickelodeon merchandise from the 1990‘s at these places, you can resell it to willing and eager parents.

While prices do fluctuate due to demand, current show popularity, and the time of year which you are selling your merchandise, there are many vintage Nickelodeon characters whose merchandise consistently sells for top dollar. This guide will tell you what are typically good moneymakers. Do a “Completed Items” search on your own to get a feel for what is selling.

Blues Clues CDCredit: www.amazon.com

Blue’s Clues

Blues Clues ran on Nickelodeon for ten years between 1996-2006. It was one of the first programs to invite preschoolers not only to watch, but to get off the couch and participate in solving the mystery by following Blue‘s Clues.

Steve Burns, the show’s original host, wore a green striped shirt and khaki pants. Back in the day, you would see preschoolers everywhere, girls included, sporting these shirts. An original Steve shirt can fetch over twenty dollars if it is in good condition.

Steve also carried a Handy Dandy Notebook. One of these vintage Nickelodeon items can sell on Ebay for thirty to fifty dollars if intact and has the original crayon. You can get even more if it is still in the package.

To make watching the Blue’s Clues experience complete, lucky preschoolers would sit in their very own “Thinking Chair”. During the show, when Steve needed to think, this is where he sat. Smart merchandisers sold these child sized replicas in stores for years and now you can only find them from sellers on Ebay. They routinely sell for over fifty dollars.

Most Nickelodeon shows, like shows of today, have plush toy tie-ins. While Blue can easily be found at yard sales, others are not. Blue’s friends, Green Puppy and Magenta, are extremely hard to find and will earn Ebay sellers a lot of money sold separately or together. Periwinkle, Blue’s feline friend, will also earn you money, although not as much as the Blue’s dog friends.

Steve and Blue’s other friends, Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper (along with their baby Paprika), Tickity, Pail and Shovel and Mailbox, are also vintage toys that will sell well on the Ebay auction block.

Talking Blues Clues toys, either plush or made of metal or plastic, that still speak also sell for good prices. Plastic PVC figurines of the Blues Clues characters sell for large amounts of money when put in lots.

Kipper the Dog GameCredit: www.amazon.com

Kipper the Dog

Vintage toys from the Nickelodeon series Kipper the Dog are very collectible and sell for good money on Ebay. Kipper, created by Mark Inkpen, is an award winning book and video series that was turned into a cartoon that ran on television in the late 1990’s.

Kipper items one of the most difficult to find. A plush Kipper dog, or any one of his friends (Arnold the Pig, Tiger) will typically sell for over sixty dollars. DVDs and VHS tapes of the series will also get you some money.

Little Bear Leap Frog GameCredit: www.amazon.com

Little Bear

Based on the series of books by written Eloise Holmelund Minarik and illustrated by Maurice Sendak, Little Bear appeared on Nickelodeon from 1995-2001. Plush Little Bear dolls can be bid up to over thirty dollars when in good condition. Cadaco put out several Little Bear games, such at Make-a-Match, Leap Frog and Dominoes. These vintage Nickelodeon toys sell for better prices on Ebay during the December holiday season when parents are looking for a unique toy or game to give their child.

Franklin the Turtle GameCredit: www.amazon.com

Franklin the Turtle

Franklin was another show that aired on Nickelodeon from 1997-2003. This Canadian cartoon starred a turtle named Franklin, and it showed his adventures with his friends. The best selling vintage Franklin item on Ebay is the talking Franklin plush doll. It typically sells for fifteen to twenty dollars.

The Busy World of Richard ScarryThe Busy Worl of Richard Scarry Lowly the WormCredit: www.amazon.com

Richard Scarry is a famous author of children’s books. His characters were turned into a cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon from 1995-2000. The show takes place in Busytown, and the many characters who live there, like Huckle Cat and Lowly Worm, have adventures that also teach the viewers.

One of the top selling vintage Nickelodeon items based on Busytown are Brio wooden railway system products featuring the Busytown characters. The other vintage Nickelodeon item that sells well on Ebay is the plush versions of the show’s characters.

Gullah Gullah Island

Gullah Gullah Island ran on Nickelodeon froGullah Gullah Island VHS are valuableCredit: www.amazon.comm 1994-2000, with the last three season on the air being reruns. The premise of show was a family teaching preschoolers about typical life lessons like telling the truth, eating right, and being kind to others.

There is not a lot of Gullah Gullah merchandise available for sale. What is hard to find and does sell on Ebay are old VHS tapes of the series. These sell for over twenty dollars for each video in working condition.

If you know what to look for, vintage Nickelodeon items to sell on Ebay can be an income source for you. You may have a bunch of them packed away somewhere in your own home.