Vintage office decor can help you with your work motivation. It creates the feeling of a study instead of just the basic wood laminate colored desk. This style is perfect if your study also doubles as a living room or guest room. It's a comfortable space that is neutral enough to work in but still has an elegant air to it. It can even inspire you to write letters or finish that novel. You can also create a vintage room or a shabby chic design.

Vintage office chairs were often metal and didn't have roller wheels on them. You may already have a metal chair in your house that will work. Try a vinyl that resembles leather for the seat cushion. You can also cover it with an old tablecloth or apron for a brighter, more feminine touch to the room. For a more elegant look go for a deep red leather office chair that is functional but will resemble an arm chair so your room doesn't seem modern.

For accessories and to create your own vintage office decor repurpose old items. This might mean displaying several colorful vintage phones on floating shelves to add color to a funky office. You can also put an old typewriter on your desk or salvage it for useable parts. Take the keys off and glue them onto magnets or pushpins to give every aspect of your office that vintage feeling. If you don't have a vintage typewriter around just go for scrap booking stickers that look like vintage typewriter keys.

You can often find vintage desks at garage sales or even in your own attic. It probably just needs a coat of paint or to be refinished with a rich mahogany stain for a luxurious office. You can even use a table from a vintage dining room as a desk. When you think of vintage design you might envision clothes or fashion. This can create an inspiring space to work. You can glue buttons to the outside of pencil jars for fun desk accessories. Put a dress form in the corner of the room to act as a piece of sculpture. Paint the floors and desk bright white and find a great vintage inspired lamp to pull everything together. Then bring in more elegant antique light fixtures, faux silk curtains and a damask fabric.

You can make cheap vintage art from everyday items. Your vintage office can double as a craft room, sewing room or guest room. Bring out the brightly covered cheery prints to create large quilt blocks to cover the wall and sew coordinating curtains from a cheerful floral fabric. Keep the rest of the room bright white with lots of storage space so the room can serve double or triple duty. This is also a place where you can show off vintage needlework. Frame it and then put the items en mass to create a colorful collage. The items may be vintage but a modern presentation will keep the space from seeming too kitschy.

You can also use an antique sewing table as a desk. You can display colorful vintage sewing machines on shelves. Another popular vintage household item was a desk fan that might remind you of your favorite black and white movie. Base your entire deign around vintage handbags. Bring in bamboo flooring to represent the bamboo handles often used on these purses. Then use bright patterns on the chairs and sofas to represent the fabric of the purse. Display the purses on a fireplace mantle or in shadowboxes. Pop art has more of a retro flair to it but you can easily Photoshop a favorite picture of yourself or your dog to look like an Andy Warhol painting to serve as a spot of color in the room.

You can make your office feel vintage with just a little bit of paint. Go for worn colors like olive green or gray. Paint the trim work in the room to stand out but use several coats of paint in similar colors for a weathered appearance. You can also stencil on the wall instead of wallpaper. Stick to just one wall so it doesn't overwhelm the space. If you're afraid of being country use a pattern that will take up the entire wall instead of a border which may be too cutesy.

When shopping for vintage office furniture, go to the source. You can often find older pieces at thrift stores that no longer have value to everyone who is into the laminate furniture contemporary office craze. Instead you can find pieces with real substance and character that you won't see in everyone else's home. Make vintage items modern by framing old train tickets, photographs, keys and coin purses. This allows you to display small items and give them more importance.

In a vintage office you'll need to marry technology with charm. Hide any wires for your computer with cord covers. Look for a desk with a pull out drawer where you can house the keyboard.

A vintage office can have a contemporary style to it. This will give your room a cleaner look so things don't feel cluttered. Find a vintage desk with great lines or use a Queen Anne style dining table for a large work surface. Paint it a funky color like orange or hot pink. Apply a foil wallpaper to just one wall for impact. Use a traditional lamp but skip the Oriental rug. Instead go with a bright white flokati piece that will give a trendy vibe to the vintage room and keep your space from feeling stuffy or old fashioned.

For a vintage office herald back to the era of newspapers and libraries. Bring in vintage globes, maps and card catalogs. Accent the pieces with dark wood stains and lots of bookshelves for a home office that has all the nostalgia of an Old World study. You can also bring a roll top desk or antique secretary in if your office needs to double as a living space.

Vintage office decor can be feminine or have the feeling of a study. It can be your getaway from the world or a place to entertain friends. Use your favorite antique pieces that you've inherited paired with garage sale finds and a little bit of paint to really make your space pop.