Vintage Pyrex is a hot item to sell on Ebay. Collectors of the famous oven to table ware go to the popular online auction site to find the missing pieces they covet. Some want vintage Pyrex to fit into their funky retro kitchens with the colorful modern appliances. Baby Boomers buy Pyrex on Ebay to buy a reminder of their childhood.

Although Pyrex found it’s way into the market place in 1915, some of the most collectible pieces come from the Colored Pyrex pieces that debuted in 1947. This ties into the Baby Boomer memories of a simpler time, when mom stayed home and cooked dinner every night for the family.

Does Every Vintage Pyrex Pattern Sell on Ebay?

No, not every pattern that Pyrex created is sought after by collector’s That is not to say that it is a waste of your time listing some old dishes you inherited. You have nothing to lose but some time and pocket change for the listing. But before you shell out money on vintage Pyrex for the sole purpose of reselling, it is best to have a basic knowledge of what is typically a regular money maker.

What to Include When Selling Vintage Pyrex on Ebay

You need to be as accurate in your description as possible. Any flaw, no matter how minor to your eye, must be mentioned. If you not tell about any markings, a buyer is going to assume that there are none. Any chips or scratches need to be mentioned, too.

When listing your classic Pyrex pieces, you will need to take several photographs. Potential bidders want to see an aerial view, a side view, a bottom view, a close-up of the pattern and at least one shot showing the piece in it’s entirety.

As a seller, you are going to have to build the cost of packing materials and insurance into the price of shipping. Many sellers of vintage Pyrex let the buyer know how much the package weighs all boxed up. They also tell the bidders that insurance is included in the cost of the shipping.

Other Helpful Hints for Listing Your Vintage Pyrex on Ebay

When you are researching what items do and do not sell, it is important to note the starting price of the auctions. Some Ebay members have a very high start price, scaring off any potential bidders. People like the thrill of the auction and the hope of getting a rare find for a good price. If you fear selling the Pyrex piece for too low a price, then set a “Reserve” price to guarantee that it will not sell for below your price.

If you do not have a complete set of bowls, that’s fine. While complete sets in great condition get a premium price, if one piece is missing, it will more than likely still sell. It will just be at a lower price.

Even one bowl of a sought after pattern will sell, especially if someone is out there looking for it to complete their set.

If you still have the box, sell it with the items. Collectors love having the original packaging.
The color that rarely, if ever gets sold, is brown. The dark brown and tan bowl sets just are not collectible at the present time. If you like the pattern or the color goes with your kitchen, you can probably get it for a low price.

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Vintage Pyrex Mixing Bowls That Sell on Ebay

These mixing bowls, sometimes referred to as “Cinderella Bowls”, are from the 1950’s to 1970’s. The more valuable ones are from the 1950’s.

The measurements of the nesting bowls are:

1.5 pint size is 5 3/4" across and 3 1/4" tall

1.5 Quart size is 7 1/4" across and 3 3/4" tall

2.5 Quart size 8 3/4" across and 4" high.

4 Quart and 10 ½ " across 4 ½ " high

The classic patterns that are the most desired are:

Complete set of Pink, turquoise or yellow nesting bowl set circa 1950’s

Milk white bowls with polka dots, each bowl having a different color dot


Primary Color Set-one of each-blue, red, green, and yellow

1950’ s Yellow butterprint

Daisy sunflower

Blue Snowflake Garland

Striped nesting bowls, each stripe a different color

Blue Butterprint Amish


Butterfly Gold 1970’s

Crazy Daisy

Lime Yellow Green Mixing Bowl with a Green Dot Square Retro Pattern

Friendship Pennsylvania Dutch Pattern-red and white and gold bowls with a solid red one

Horizon Blue

Orange to Yellow bowl set

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Vintage Pyrex Refrigerator Dishes that Sell on Ebay

The economical 1950’s housewife did not toss her leftovers. For her reheating convenience, Pyrex designed a line of “refrigerator bowls”, designed for storage as well as reheating. They are even “green”-they came with their own clear lids so moms could see what was in the leftover dish. No need for plastic wrap and foil!

These bowls are beautiful and come in vibrant primary colors. Others are milk white with a simple design that matched the nesting bowls and casserole dishes in the same line.

To get the best price on Ebay for these vintage Pyrex pieces, they should be sold in lots and the pieces must have lids. The best selling ones are the primary colors and blue butter print. Other patterns that sell are Gooseberry and Crazy Daisy.

Vintage Pyrex Casserole Dishes That Sell on Ebay

With Pyrex, everything was matching. The casserole dishes that went from refrigerator to oven to table coordinated with everything else. In order to get the highest price on an in demand pattern, the casseroles should have the original lids. Classic Pyrex patterns that sell for a good price at an Ebay auction are:

Butterprint Amish Pink

Friendship Birds

Crazy Daisy

Snowflake Casserole

Orange Casserole Set


Other Classic Pyrex Items to That Sell at Auction

Pyrex came out with tableware just for children. A complete set of the milk white with red clown cup, plate, and bowl set or a complete blue and white train set with the train motif will sell on Ebay almost every time.

Searching for vintage Pyrex to sell on Ebay is a fun way to spend a morning at a flea market or yard sale.