The vintage Radio Flyer scooter is one of the coolest things you will see, but there is actually more than one style. Whether you are looking for two wheels, three, or four, you will have some options.  In addition to the old antiques, you must also want to consider one of the newer retro models that have become quite popular with many people.  In this article, I would like to share some of the models with you that have been popular for many generations for kids.  I’ll share with you some places to look for them, and what your child might like to ride when you look at vintage radio flyer scooters.  There is nothing quite like a kick scooter from Radio Flyer.  They are truly a classic and a head turner.

Four Wheel Red Radio Flyer Scooter

This one was made many years ago for very young kids that simply cannot balance on two wheels.   Over the years, there have been a number of changes to this model.  The vintage models had four wheels and a wood seat.  It was designed to be straddled, not stood on.  The child would straddle the scooter, sitting on it, and use their feet to push themselves along the road or sidewalk.  These are substantially different than kick models and should really only be used by very young kids.

The four wheelers were very good for very small kids that wanted to ride on s something similar to the other children, but just could not quite manage to balance.  They were slow because you had to straddle them, but they could roll pretty well down the hills, which was actually a little dangerous for youngsters.  Like most toys, they really should be used under adult supervision.

The newer retro Radio Flyer scooters with four wheels are now primarily made of plastic, but they still have some metal.  This is the way to tell a retro newer model from an antique quite easily.  Retro models are available for under 30 dollars, if you really look around for sales, but the bright red originals are now antiques, so they can go for a lot more money if they are in good condition.  Original red paint with few scratches and dings, and those in good riding condition are going to be worth the most money and command the highest prices.  Original red Radio Flyer vintage scooters are worth more than the retro models, but they are still the same when you kick them along and ride them.

Retro Three Wheel Scooters

You will find many different models out today that you can choose from.  Retro Radio Flyer scooters, and those that are similar in design, are very popular.  Some models have the dual wheels up front, while others have them in the back of the unit.  While they are not always super cheap, you can find them for well under 50 dollars, if you look around a little bit.  Be sure to shop for the best prices at stores like WalMart and online at sites like Amazon or eBay.  You will find a great variance in pricing, so it really pays to compare quality and style when you look at the prices for them.

For the most part, the retro models are with three wheels are not really antiques.  Most are simply are retro look, slightly updated to keep up with the times.  You can find them for under 50 dollars if you look around.

Two Wheel Vintage Radio Flyer Scooter

This is more of the classic look that many of us are used to seeing.  Many of today’s models are patterned after this original from decades back.  You will find they have changed surprisingly little over the years, due at least in part to an effective, but simple design.  They are lightweight and easy to ride around.  Just about any young child that can ride a bicycle without training wheels can effectively ride of these things.  Most are too small for big kids, but they might work out.

Some of these could actually be made into a five wheel Radio Flyer scooter, with the addition of training wheels on the back.  This was great for small kids that couldn’t quite balance themselves right and added a certain amount of safety.  You could not use the standard training wheels you could use with bikes, but they worked the same basic way to provide stability.

New or Used

You can find a vintage look or you can find an authentic antique Radio Flyer scooter.  If you buy an original, the condition will dictate the price.  If you buy a retro model, it might not be too expensive for a new one.  It really depends on whether not you are buying it to collect and display or to ride around and have fun.  For collectors, used is the only option, since the originals have not been made for many years now.

For the most part, if you want to get one cheap, you will be looking at a new retro model.  They are much less expensive and you can find them used for really cheap.  There are several different vintage Radio Flyer kick powered scooters for sale that you might like.

Neat Alternatives

Who says you have to buy a real Radio Flyer? There are tons of new options these days that you might like just as much as the old ones.  Some of the more popular versions include the Razor models.  Some of them make sparks and some fold up for easy storage.  You can also find all kinds of different models with cartoon or movie characters on them, which are always popular with young kids.  You will find some cheaper ones for under 20 dollars at the stores these days.

You will find you have plenty of options to consider as you look at vintage Radio Flyer scooters for sale.