Vintage ski posters are a great way to decorate your home or your ski lodge. Whether you get an affordable reproduction print or splurge on an original, you'll be buying something that will stand out and add a unique look to your décor. There were thousands of these posters made and today you can find hundreds of prints for sale from many different poster sellers. It is trickier to find original prints for sale, but not impossible.


Skiing has been around for thousands of years. They have found a 5000 year old rock drawing of a man wearing skis in Norway. Of course, modern skiing isn't quite that old. Now it is more about recreation and sport than it is about traveling over snow. The more modern concept of skiing as a sport gained ground during the 19th century.

But the biggest boom for this sport came in the 1910s and 1920s. During this period, everyone who was young and affluent took up skiing. This was considered the Golden Age. It was popular in the US, in Canada, and in Europe. Glamorous resorts such as the Garmisch and St. Moritz became famous. This activity combined the romance of travel, the thrill of speed, the feel of modernity, and the glamour of fashion. All of these helped it become the in thing.


Most of the vintage ski posters are advertisements. The most common type is for ski resorts, towns, or even states and countries that where known for their skiing. For example, you can find posters that simply say "Ski Colorado" or "Ski the Cascades Washington". Countries such as Austria and Switzerland also commissioned several tourism posters. In addition to larger regions, individual lodges would frequently have their own advertisements, such as the Timberline lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon.

Not all of the advertisements were for places. Products, such as a hot chocolate drink, would also be advertised. These drinks were popular in the lodges, so it makes sense that there are posters of them available. These are less common, however, and it is hard to find originals. Reproductions, however, are available.

The Look

What makes vintage ski posters so appealing? Well, a lot of it is the look. Most of them have a very similar look. So if you are collecting multiple posters, you won't have a problem getting them to match. The main colors used are white, red, blue, and yellow. These colors are seen in almost every one. In many, these are the only colors used. Sometimes a few other colors, such as brown, are also used, but never that many.

The main focal item in almost all of these is a person. It is also someone in ski gear. They may be skiing, or they may be doing something like waving. There is rarely more than one person in a poster. These are drawings, not photographs, but they do have a realistic, if simplified, look. Most were fairly small in size, but some larger posters were also produced in this era.

These vintage ski posters were popular for anyone who is drawn to an era that promises both simplicity and modernity. The snow is always fresh and white and seems like a great escape from everyday life. Because of this, skiers enjoy having these images in their homes or as decorations in the lodges that they go to.