Vintage swimsuits for women are one of the big trends this year and I was so glad to see this become popular! It works for juniors or women. You can get one piece or two piece designs. Plus, I love how fun all of the colors and patterns are. The biggest reason I was happy to see this style was that it typically is more modest without being too frumpy. So how do you tell which details look vintage and which ones belong in a 1980s swim class? Read these tips to learn more.

Try Red and White Polka Dots for a Retro Style

A Boyleg Style Provides More Coverage

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Pay Attention to Structure

It's typical that these one piece suits will have panels. This can be good for tummy control and really shows off a figure. This lends support to a bandeau style suit that may not have straps on it. It also gives a solid color black suit a retro flair. In general you have to be really obvious with the silhouette if you want a black suit so find feminine ruffle details.

Vintage vs. Retro Patterns

These two genres use close to the same color palettes. The vintage style will use a pastel blue and a retro style will use a brighter turquoise. They both can use yellow. The difference is in the pattern. The vintage style will be more sweet and innocent looking. It can also be more sophisticated with an eveningwear inspiration.

The retro style is more fun. You will often see lots of polka dots or graphic stripes. Stripes can be nautical inspired. It may also use more of a cherry print and much brighter colors. Both of these styles are very figure flattering so it’s just a matter of how daring you want to go.

An Updated Style

Two Piece Retro Style for Juniors
Credit: rf photo xpress Lendertdekam ( lady-10901175)

The oversized bow is what takes this into a vintage arena. True polka dots would be more accurate but this is a contemporary print although a 1940s style would also be appropriate

Two Piece Designs for Juniors

This is a style that is even popular for juniors. You can get a more modest two piece this way as it tends to use high waisted bottoms and thicker straps. This is the short that I predict will go out of  style the fastest but it's also a really big trend for 2013. It’s cute too. This gives more of a pin up girl look.

Find Subtle Details

A lot of swimsuits will have ruching on them because it looks so great on any size and even plus size figures. The vintage style will use tons of ruching. It will also have feminine details. It may be more nautical inspired with buttons. Use a coral or red color with a solid suit to make sure that it stays true to this era. Try a navy blue or even a white instead of a black or brown.

Retro Swimsuits for Juniors

This is a More Modern Update of a Nautical Inspired Suit
Credit: rf photo xpress Terex ( swimsuit-model-3224941)

This has a nautical inspiration and a retro color palette. It's really cute and sweet with the ruffles and bows but it's a more updated silhouette.

Go More Modest

There are a lot of different necklines for this look but it's common to have a little bit more of a modest silhouette. This may be a maillot style or a boy short. Swimdresses are also common as long as they fit really well. I was so excited to see that this style was popular again because this is a look that women can actually wear and feel good in, no matter how many other string bikinis are being worn on the beach. You can still be distinctive with a body conscious suit.

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Get Photo Ready

This was a more glamorous era but you probably don't want to wear all of the heavy makeup and an intricate hairdo to the beach that this style requires. Look for the oversized sunglasses that are popular in almost every other style. Wear a wide brim hat as well to keep out of the sun to complete the vintage look.

I couldn’t find a lot of beach cover-ups for the 1960s or 1950s looks. There were plenty of bohemian 1970s ones so try a flirty sarong. These tips will help you look just like you stepped out of a Frankie and Annette beach movie.