Vintage Tattoo Designs

Old School, Retro Tattoos and Design Ideas

Vintage tattoo designs are getting to be pretty popular, along with the whole vintage aesthetic in general. Why create something new, when it is generally cooler to mimic something old? The last century had a wide variety of retro designs that one can draw vintage tattoo designs from. The colors were brighter, the ideas were newer, and the end result is a vintage tattoo design that will draw people's attention!

This article is meant to inspire you by presenting a few of the best vintage tattoo design pictures. We'll also talk about the key ideas of retro and art deco tattoos, and give you a bit of an understanding of what they can look like. Get out your sketchbook and come up with some ideas as you read!

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Vintage Tattoo Designs: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Vintage Tattoo Design: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Vintage american retro car tattoo designCredit:

Vintage tattoo design is often inspired by old school technology. Vintage vehicles such as classic cars, jalopies and hot rods are often used successfully in retro tattoos. There is a particularly old school tattoo design aesthetic to these images. The hot rod pictured above is highly stylized, almost cartoony. Notice the use of black and red, and how the wheels aren't perfectly straight. This is a stylized, cartoonish vintage tattoo design, and it's a really nice effect.

Vintage spitfire retro tattoo designsCredit: Orde02 (

Other options might be vintage bicycles, even the kind with the large front wheels. Old bicycles are a great idea for retro tattoo designs. You might consider using an old army vehicle, like a plane or fighter jet as your retro tattoo. A WWII inspired spitfire is a really cool option, and it's a highly stylized concept. Check out the vintage tattoo design of the spitfire above.

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Vintage Tattoo Design Ideas: Americana, Nautical, Throwback

Old School Tattoos and Designs

Vintage Anchor Tattoo, NauticalCredit:

There are so many ways to go with a vintage tattoo design. One option for American readers is to draw from the rich seam of Americana design aesthetic for your tattoo. Look back at old vintage war advertisements or political pamphlets and literature, and you'll find lots of vintage tattoo design inspiration. It's a very particular look, and it's very patriotic.

Vintage Tattoo Designs: Retro Tattoo GirlCredit:

You can also look into famous figures or characters when choosing your vintage tattoo design inspiration. There is a particular smokey-eyed female character who is very vintage looking and extremely popular as a tattoo choice. See a picture of her above! Or classic figures, like the Three Stooges or Charlie Chaplin, might be good options for you.

Vintage Tattoo Designs: Mom and Dad Tattoo DesignCredit:

You can also choose a typically vintage or retro tattoo choice as an ironic statement. There are a lot of 'classic' tattoo designs that you can find. They usually include vintage looking scripts, scrolls, hearts, daggers, old-school gambling imagery, and highly stylized, made-up  women, sometimes angels. There's nothing wrong with these tattoo ideas, they're tried and true! You might even consider going with the classic 'mom' tattoo! (Better have a heart with an arrow through it too!)

Good Luck!

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