Antique diamond rings are unique in its inherent increase in value the older they get. It is due to the fact that diamonds were made by nature to become better the older it gets. However, spotting authentic diamond engagement and wedding ring sets could prove a challenge especially for those who didn’t have a formal training. Below are some basic characteristics you can check to spot the fake from the real ones.


The Price

Antique diamond rings are no younger than 50 years old. The latest era classified as an antique is the Art Deco era which started in the 1920s. It is the last era that had unique characteristics with their jewelleries and half a carat will not go lower than $3,000.00. Victorian Pieces will most likely go for at least $20,000.


The Carat

When buying engagement and wedding ring sets, remember that the price will largely depend on the Carat. The carat is the weight of the diamond. Naturally, the larger it is, the more expensive it becomes. It is just a little hard to know its exact weight because a 5 carat diamond ring will not exactly weigh a kilo. It requires a special kind of weighing machine to determine its weight. There are other smaller rings that could be more expensive than bigger ones. This is because some diamonds have already been refined to make it look more attractive.


The Clarity

The clearer the antique diamond rings are, the purer it is, the more expensive it is. This one is easy to spot. Just look at it and you will be able to less how pure it is. There are technical ways of measuring it which includes the number, character, and visibility of natural inclusions in the diamond.


The Color

The colorless diamond is the most common but there are actually other colours like pink which was made famous by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. The pink diamond ring Affleck gave Lopez was more than $5 million dollars. When they broke their engagement, she returned the ring to him and he sold it back to the person who sold it to him for half the price. The end winner is the jeweller. There is also the black diamonds which even became a subject of a movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio. You can also find brown diamonds which is also rare. The rarest, however, is the black diamond.


The Cut

Diamonds may be cut different ways. It can be a teardrop shape, round, square, etc. Remember that real diamonds don’t scratch which makes it almost impossible to cut. There is a special kind of machine used to cut it. It uses lasers and follows the same principle as cutting objects using knives. A super fine cut is used as an entry point to the inside of an object. The lasers penetrate through the diamond. The finer the cut, the more expensive it becomes.


Remember that the value of antique diamond rings is different from the value of modern ones. Some antique ones can become more expensive even if the cut is not as fine as the modern ones. Remember that the modern time is more able to make finer cuts because of technology but the age of the ring plays a huge part in determining the value of the antique diamond rings.


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