There are currently some very nice vintage men's fedora hats for sale. Men's fedora hats that are going for great discounts on the web currently. A fedora has is a felt hat, that was made popular back in the early 20's. Old movie stars from the 20's to 50's were commonly seen wearing fedora hats. Classic gangster movies made the fedora hat popular as well. You'd see old movie stars like Humphrey Bogart, Edward G. Robinson, and James Stewart wearing vintage men's fedora hats.

Vintage men's fedora hats have become a fashion statement for men since the 20's. Although fedora hats aren't commonly worn today, it was uncommon to find a man not wearing a hat during the early to mid 20th century. Wearing hats were as common as wearing pants and shirts back then. Popular colors for men's fedora hats are black, gray, brown and tan. Cheap fedora hats can cost as little as ten dollars, where expensive men's fedora hats can go as high as hundreds of dollars.

Men's fedora hats might be as popular of a fashion symbol today, but still remain a pretty popular men's accessories to this day. Even music stars, sports stars and movies stars can sometimes be seen with a vintage fedora hat. Men's fedora hats can be looked as a trademark and can be used as a fashion statement. Stand out and look good with a fedora hat. Check out some fedora hats to buy for reasonable prices.

Vintage men's fedora hats for sale

Skull Outfitter Mens Black White Pinstripe Trilby Vintage Fedora hat - Some very nice vintage men's fedora hats can be made from the clothing brand Skull Outfitter. Contains materials of 95% polyester and 5% of wool. A black color men's fedora hat, containing white pin stripes. Makes for a very classical and cool look for men. The polyester provides warmth, and is currently going for a cheap price at $14.99.

 Classic Cotton Black Fedora Hat

Classic Cotton Black Fedora Hat - This vintage men's fedora hat can be worn on women as well. There are some huge fedora hat sales going online, but not many going for as low as $9.95 at the moment. It's made with 100% cotton, comes in jet black and provides that classic and authentic look. The hat comes in just one size, has a pinch flap on the side. A cool looking fedora hat, that won't put a dent in your wallet.

Mens Black White Pinstripe Trilby Vintage Fedora hat  White Pinstripe Fedora Hat

Skull outfitter Snake Skin Gangster Black Vintage Fedora Hat - This hat is something old school gangsters would wear. This hate would make Don Corleone jealous. A Trilby fedora style hat, comes in the color black. The fedora gangster hat is made from 100% PU. Retail price is $19.99, but the current sale is going for as low as $13.99 on ebay.

White Pinstripe Fedora Hat - Vintage men's fedora hats don't get much better than a white pinstripe hat. Better yet, the unbelievable cheap price this hat is currently going for. The white pinstripe hat is on sale for only $7.95 on Amazon. Made with from 70% cotton and 30% rayon, its a styling white hat with a white belt buckle. The pinstripe color comes in black. This is an original, authentic gangster fedora hat to wear.