Are you planning on moving your business?  Are you worried that it may be hard to let customers know where your new location is going to be?  There are many great and simple ways to let everyone know where you’re moving to and it should start even before you begin the move. Most important is to consider using quality, brightly colored signs announcing the happenings of the business and the new location.

Customization For Location With Vinyl Banners

Banner signs are a great way to let your clients know any news you wish to share. This definitely means when moving to a new location, announcing the move. When ordering, consider choosing customization for location. This can mean actually having a banner sign that says the name of the business as well as the new address that you’ll be arriving at. Whether choosing to put store hours on the sign or just the address it’s important to think about choosing customization for location.

Openings And Closings

When thinking about customization for location also consider signs that announce grand openings as well as closings. Even if moving these are promotions that vinyl banners can help your business receive more clients and have a chance at greater sales. Vinyl banners should be used to announce the grand opening, even if it’s not a brand new business and it’s a move. They should also be used to announce the closing of the other location. If announcing the closing, make sure to make it clear that it’s a move and not an actual closing down sale.

Vinyl Banners To Reduce Inventory

Getting prepared for a move may mean reducing stock so that there doesn’t need to be as many workers, trucks and actual time involved with the move. It also means there will be more money coming in and less money going out for the move. Get a great banner sign up announcing some substantial sales on certain items that you want to move. This will make a dent in the inventory and an increase in the revenue. Use that money to help make the move smoother. Use several banner signs to announce not only what is going on and where the store is moving to, but to get sales up before the actual move. Choose to announce a few steep discounts on several well-known products and you’ll be sure to have an increase in new traffic and therefore sales.