Using Vinyl Coin holders is a great way to keep your collection free of dust, dirt and safe. 

These vinyl pages are constructed of heavy duty, high clarity, polished vinyl, so that you can see your valuable coins clearly without always having to take them out of the pockets.

The page is constructed with 2 x 2 inch pockets with a thumb cutout to make it easier to get your coins out or to move them around, with strong double seams in between for strength.

If you have started a collection of coins, or you are looking for a place to store negatives and slides, then these pages make a great way to organize your collection.Vinyl Coin Holders

Simply put them in a binder, and categorize them with dividers, then you can see your collection at a glance.  If you presently have your coins in paper sleeves, filling up boxes or drawers and not really in any order, then this would make a great weekend project.

These vinyl sleeves also work and fit the photgraphic slides.  I found these pages were very useful when trying to organize a family members collection of old slides that had never been developed into pictures. 

10 (Ten) - BCW Vinyl 20-Pocket Page with Thumb Cut (Also works for Photo Slides) - Coin & Currency Collecting Supplies

He had dated them all, so it was easy to store them in pockets in the vinyl pages for safe keeping, rather than in the old shoe boxes he had them in for over 30 years!

Coin collecting has become a fun hobby for many people now.  You can head out to coin shows, and collector fairs, but with the advance of the internet, you can find many coins online, and they are easy to ship.

If you have some valuable coins, then you should store them properly so you know just what your collection consists of and be ready to buy or sell and know just which one you are looking for.

A friend of mine collects coins, and he would buy them online, and then simply stuff them in a drawer.  Every so often he would hall them out and check them against the latest book of coin values to see if he could sell any for a profit. 

But it would take him a long time to organize them.  Even though each one was in its own little sleeve, they were loose in this box in the drawer.  He finally decided to take the plunge and take a weekend and put them into vinyl coin holders on pages and then into binders so he could look at his collection quickly.

He then labelled each binder according to type of coin or year.  You can get these vinyl coin holders and vinyl pages in many hobby stores, but you can also get packages of them online at sites such as Amazon for an affordable price.

Keep your coin collection organized and safe by storing them properly.  Be able to show off your collection, or if you want to sell at collector fairs, you can display your coins in a neater fashion and easy to see at a glance with the crystal clear vinyl.