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Collecting Vinyl – Why Some People Decide to Collect Vinyl Records

Collecting vinyl is considered a hobby for many of us; however, for many collectors this is actually a passion that includes seeking, buying, organizing and displaying the vinyl records to friends and family. Vinyl collectors are normally proud of their growing collection and in the search for the ‘missing one’ they are willing to pay any prize imposed by the seller; but at the end of the day, this is the thrill of the game – the harder and more difficult the item is to get, the higher the reward once acquired.


There are many reasons why a person becomes a vinyl collector or just a collector in general but most of the time a collection normally starts without the intention of being one; people normally buy items that they like or find appealing and it is only when they realize that a big number of similar items have been acquired that he or she becomes a novice collector; after this discovery, it is just a matter of time to become a serious collector.

Collecting Vinyl – Why?

1) Collecting a vinyl record, as any other collectable item could be a very profitable hobby - many collectors are actually investors, they know the importance of money and investment and a collection is considered invaluable by some people.


2) Playing a vinyl record is more rewarding that playing a CD - some people love collecting vinyl record; the feeling of choosing which one to play, removing the cover and listening a vinyl with a glass of wine could be a magic moment.


3) Many passionate people considered vinyl records an image of an important moment in their life but in the form of a song or record - what happens when you listen to a song you used to love when you were in university? It reminds you to those precious moments!


4) We buy records not only for the music, but also for the covers, back covers, lyrics and booklets - they have a meaning that the collector is trying to discover, and in some cases, a cover is a truly work of art.


5) Collecting vinyl records is a cultural experience - it enriches your soul and mind and the price paid is fair for the satisfaction of acquiring what you want.


6) The sound produced by a record played on a good stereo is far better than the sound of a CD on a CD player.


7) We all love shopping and buying to increase your collection produces the same thrill – it is enjoyable to go through the catalog of a store, either on the store or online.


8) The memory of a good moment will last longer – since many people buy records to remember special moments, vinyl will make them eternal moments, the durability of the material used last much longer than a CD.


Credit: Katie Birks

9) Great style – they are more aesthetically appealing than a CD, they’re stylish and classic and will always remain this way.

10) The thrill of looking for a record, buying, organizing, storing and displaying them is a feeling difficult to compare and label it.

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