Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools, unlike how the term implies, is not actually made of vinyl but the pool is rather a composite-plastic and concrete pool with a vinyl lining. The lining of the pool is differentiated based on its thickness. Thicker linings have better quality. Aside from the size, the vinyl lining also varies in terms of pattern and design. There are quite a number of patterns that you can choose from. Rest assured that many of them would really catch your interest. If you want the very simple ones, they are also available. In contrast, sophisticated designs are also accessible. Vinyl pools are harder to construct. It usually takes a longer period of time compared to ordinary swimming pools to complete the construction. On a normal basis, it takes 5 to 8 weeks to finish the construction of the pool. Very similar to that of constructing a house, the ground should be settled before the construction will be completed. This process ensures us that the ground will be prevented from severe cracking which is the usual thing that happens when the swimming pool is built.

Vinyl pools are shaped in many designs

Vinyl pools are more appealing to human eyes merely because the pool could be shaped in any design. There are many shape patterns that you can choose from, even those designs that are really fascinating for a pool. A vinyl pool has several edges over a fibreglass pool because the latter has only very limited designs that the factory provides. Curves, semicircles, star, corners, and all others complex shapes could be a basis for your vinyl pool design. You can even design your own vinyl pool in any manner you wish. Use your creativity to think about the design that would best suit your lifestyle. Do not waste your money by getting a design done which you might regret in the future.

The life of the vinyl lining depends on how it is maintained

The vinyl lining has a very smooth texture even though it is not as smooth as that of a fiberglass pool. An estimated life of the vinyl lining largely depends on how you painstakingly maintain the condition of the swimming pool. The vinyl lining has a tendency to be torn so you have to maintain the pool in the best possible way there is. Normally, the warranty does not include the cuts in the vinyl lining. This is very essential for you to remember because once the lining is torn; it will be very costly for you to have it fixed. An average-sized vinyl pool needs around 1500$ to have its liner replaced. You will also need to reshape the bottom of the pool and this would add up to the expenses that have to be considered. Save money when you can and read the warranty of the product to give you all the information about what you bought and what services could be rendered to you once the product has defects.

Vinyl pools have the capability to combat stain

Although a vinyl pool is not 100% guaranteed to resist stain, the fundamental fact of it having a very smooth texture makes it very easy for you to remove the stains from it. This process then requires your cooperation. You have to be more responsive of the problem otherwise your pool will not be properly maintained as it had been. This is not the only good feature of having a vinyl finish. Algae and other protozoans will have a difficulty in residing at the surfaces if the pool because the pool itself is non-porous.

Vinyl pools are not labor intensive

It has been tested and proven that vinyl pools are very ideal for outdoors. The type of in ground use for the construction of vinyl pools come in kits. Once the process of digging the whole and the supporting structures is complete, the next thing that has to be done is to simply attach the material easily.

Construction of vinyl pool comes with a great price

The installation of a vinyl pool is very costly. The least that you can get is at the price of 10,000$. There are even installation packages that would cost you around 100,000$. The price though really depends on the size and design of your vinyl pool. Like any other pool there is, a wider pool area also means a greater expense of having it built. Similar to this, the very fancily designed vinyl pools also costs a great price. Normally, a rectangular shaped vinyl pool costs less than a kidney-shaped pool. This is because it will be easier to construct a pool without those intricate designs.