Best Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl vehicle wraps are many times mistaken for a personalized paint job. They are mostly seen on race cars, vans and trucks. They can be used to show an individual's sense of style and class and celebrities have wraps on their trucks for identification on road trips and concerts. They are widely used for advertisement by radio stations, museums, television stations, and hospitals. It reaches a vast majority of people and busy workers who do not have time to watch televised commercials or read newspapers can spot vehicle wraps easily and note important information, telephone numbers and addresses. Companies use wraps to market products and improve public awareness by installing attractive full color graphics and above all, the average individual can transform a vehicle into any skin imaginable using computer software. The main fear most people have about wraps is that it will peel off paint when the time for removal comes thereby defacing a vehicles' original look. High quality vinyl wraps will not damage paint if they are properly taken off. Information on a wrap can also be changed and overlapped on the original material with a new graphic. This substitute the need to change wraps more often.

Cost of vehicle wraps
Full body wraps are the most expensive since they require a larger amount of material. Prices are from $600 and above.
Side wraps: $300 and above.
Hood wraps: are the cheapest -$ 130 and above.
The vinyl material can be upgraded. This should cost about hundred dollars

How vehicles are wrapped.

Customers work with designers to specify how the wraps should appear. They are then printed on special vinyl material and laminated. The main equipment are graphic printers, plotters and tool kits. Wraps are handled carefully and in any company, the installation is carried out by skilled workers who are trained in that area of specialty.
Side wraps and hood wraps can be done manually by one or two people. Slim magnets are used to hold the wrap in place and prevent wear and tear. Full body wrap for larger vehicles are done in wrap houses with the adequate wrapping equipment, this makes the process less strenuous and increases speed. The entire process takes about one or two business days.

Caring for wrapped vehicles

Wash vehicles by hand and avoid going to a car wash - use a soft brush, sponge or towel.

Use wrap care products to keep the sparkle and shine on the vehicle- purchase wrap polish, cleaners, microfiber wash kits etc.

Consult wrap experts when wraps are due for removal and reduce the frequency of wrap changes to prevent damages to car paint.

Finance wraps with the programs and schemes available to you if you cannot afford to pay for expenses immediately.

Apply wraps to side and rare view windows only - for the safety of car passengers and the vehicle itself.

Ask for warranty to guarantee long term use to maintain wraps in minor road accidents and unforeseen circumstances.

Copy right logos and images used on vehicle wraps to prevent piracy and secure your business.

Vehicles should be parked in shaded areas whenever you can and limit exposure to rain and sun as much as possible. This will keep wraps looking as good as new for a very long time.