You come home from a long day's work. You're exhausted, all you want to do is sit down and watch a nice movie or tv show. The remote control is sitting there beside you beckoning in a most convincing way. You pick it up and press the power button. Bam Bam BAM! You are assaulted with guns, blood and gore. What kind of relaxation is this? Well, it can't be that bad right? You can always change the channel and there are so many to choose from. You try again, and this time you stop on a channel in which a rape scene is taking place. You can't win can you?! Why is it that so much of today's television and film is so violent? Whatever happened to clean, family films?

   I can tell you. They don't sell. People don't want clean, family films, they want action, violence, and more. Some people won't even go to a movie if it's rating is under R, thinking it must be a children's movie. Film producers make a much heftier sum in producing R rated films that they do PG films. That's another thing, much of the PG films nowadays should be rated PG-13 and PG-13 should be rated R.Sometimes you find that rare film with an excellent plot, but it is chock-full of cursing, nudity, violence or some other thing. Why? It has to be added in to get the R rating that will drive people to the theater to see the film. We need to be maxed out at box office don't we?  It seems we have lowered the bar on what is acceptable for our children and ourselves. Interestingly enough, even children's cartoons are loaded with violence. Quite a bit of Looney Tunes Cartoons are full of it. Wiley Coyote and his obsessed chase of Road Runner. He employs the use of dynamite and other such explosive devices in many different ways. However, it always backfires and we see those same devices act upon him instead. Children are taught that this is funny. Another example is the Happy Tree Friends show. Many children watch this show and it is full of scenes where a character has his leg sawed off, blood splattering everywhere, getting blown to smithereens and much more. Is this what we want our children to see when they turn on the tv? Do we not want them to view movies and television show in which the content is inspiring and morale-building? 

   Personally, I find that most movies and television shows that fit that category tend to be older movies and shows. There are not many available in this day and age. If you want your children to watch quality films check out the content from yesteryear. You will find it is much more suited your children and possibly...

Even to you.