Violins for Beginners

For those who are just starting to learn to play the violin, there are actually many violins for beginners that you can choose from. The first most important decision that you have to make is to decide on the type of violin that you want to learn. There are three main types of violins for beginners that you can consider, comprising of the acoustic, acoustic electric and electric version. The features of all three will be discussed in more detail later in the article to give you an idea on what to expect.

Buying the best violins for beginners is not as simple as you think. Even among the same category, each instrument has its own unique sound which depends on the manufacturer. Some electric ones may have a rockier sound while others may have more mellow sounds. More expensive ones will usually have better tone, but there are a few cheap ones which boast the same sound quality. Another thing to consider is your budget on violins for beginners. Luckily for you, the basic models are quite cheap nowadays and you can usually find one below $250. Finding violins for beginners below $100 is not impossible if you are really strapped for cash.

Best Acoustic Violins for Beginners

The first option that you have is to get the acoustic violins for beginners. These acoustic ones are those traditional ones that you see in classical music performances and orchestras which produce the sound that they are famous for. They often have a hollowed body and have a natural wood finish. This is the most popular type among people who are just starting to learn the instrument and you will find that most instructors will start you off with this. However, the playing method and fingering for all three types of violins for beginners are exactly the same, so if you can master one, it means that you can master the rest.

  • Barcelona 2 Series: This violin by Barcelona is made and priced for students. It is a full sized 4/4 instrument and comes with a hard case, rosin, bow, extra strings and a shoulder rest. Priced at $80 on Amazon after a 60% discount, this is one of the cheapest violins for beginners that you can find.
  • Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin: This model has a hand carved solid spruce top and a hand carved solid maple back and side. It features a translucent warm brown finish which allows the grain to show through. Its ebony fingerboard is fitted with built in VP-203 finetuners. It is sold with a TL-33 lightweight and durable rectangular violin case with a built in hygrometer. Priced below $200, you can consider this model if when deciding on which acoustic violins for beginners to buy.

Best Acoustic Electric Violins for Beginners

These acoustic electric violins for beginners are quite similar to the acoustic ones, except they have pickups to transmit the sound to an amplifier or headphone. They still have about the same sound, but they can be amplified so that it is easier for the audience to hear especially during solo performances. It gives the player more options compared to the conventional one as you can play around with their settings to obtain the tone and sound that you want. This allows for more versatility in playing styles as you can play classical tunes as well as more modern songs. With these violins for beginners, you would usually need to buy the headphones or amplifiers separately as they are not sold in a package.

  • Rossetti 1132C: This violin features a carved solid spruce top and a solid maple back, side and neck. It comes with a cable, bow and case. This model has a volume and tone control and a 1/4" jack and it comes with a one year warranty.
  • Barcus-Berry: This full sized 4/4 instrument is European made and comes in blue color. Barcus-Berry is one of the pioneers in violin amplification, so you can be sure that the electronics used are of high quality. It is fully carved from Carpathian maple and spruce. Although more expensive, the quality that you are getting is unbeatable.

Best Electric Violins for Beginners

This version is a more advanced version of the conventional ones. Also known as silent electric violins, there are some that are made specially for beginners. While they used to be more popular among the experienced violinists, more and more people are starting to learn with this type because of its modern and cool look and shying away from the conventional type. With the cheap electric violins for beginners, you can buy effects pedals to create special effects to your playing. Getting these violins for beginners will reduce the chance of any disturbance because they can be plugged into an earphone so that only the player can hear its sound.

  • Austin Bazaar: This is one of the cheapest violins for beginners that you can buy. It is a full sized 4/4 silent violin. The package comes with a padded gig bag, rosin, headphones and batteries. Selling for only $80 on Amazon, this is an ideal model for those who are just starting to learn the instrument.
  • Cecilio CEVN-2NA: This model by Cecilio is hand carved from maple wood and has an ebony fingerboard, chinrest and tailpiece. The onboard reverb allows for a bright tone when played.

As you can see, there are many decisions that you have to make before buying violins for beginners. To help you decide, talk to some friends who play the violin to get their opinion. They would be able to recommend the type and model that you should start with. If you are still unsure, you can visit the music stores to try out the violins for beginners that they have to get a feel about their sound. Who knows, you may have thought that the electric ones sounded nice but after testing it out, your opinion may have changed. It would be good to try each type to find one that you really like. Some music stores will even bundle free music lessons for you if you buy violins for beginners from them.