Getting digital TV is a great idea, offering loads of channels with great definition. You can even get watch on demand capabilities and the ability to record or download your favourite TV shows. Many companies offer great package deals that include digital TV. Today we're looking at two big providers, Virgin Media and TalkTalk. We wanted to know who offers the best services for the best bargain prices, so we did a digital TV comparison to figure out which company gets you the best deal. If you're in the market for a new digital TV service, or you simply want to switch providers, then read on to find out how to get the best deal and what the best deal actually is.

What You Get with TalkTalk

TalkTalk's TV package comes for a basic price of £15.50 per month plus a line rental fee of £14.95 per month. You get free installation as well as a Youview box. The basic Freeview TV is on an eighteen month contract, and your Youview box allows you to catch up on TV shows you may have missed as well as allowing you to rewind, record or pause TV shows that you're watching. You get broadband internet speeds of up to 15 MB, with an unlimited data cap, so you can use it as often as you want. Plus you get anytime calls on the phone line. The TalkTalk player gives you access to on demand content, and this access is unlimited. There's plenty of on demand things to watch, including many hit TV shows. You can decrease the cost of line rental for the first twelve months of the eighteen month contract by paying for a year up front at the beginning of your contract, which will lower the line rental costs to just £9.50 per month. And if you want to add extra channels there are a few offers that might help you. Sky Sports will cost an extra £30 per month, Sky Movies an extra £15. Kids Boost for children's programming goes for just a fiver a month, and ESPN will cost you a tenner a month. Expect your free installation to occur around two to three weeks after you sign your contract.

What You Get with Virgin Media...

Virgin Media currently has a deal that gets you a tenner off the monthly price of the Classic Collection TV package, plus free installation (which usually costs £50). This offer is good for just the first six months of the eighteen month contract, however. Monthly costs are £18, or £8 with the ten pounds off deal for the first six months. If you pay £120 up front for the first year's phone line rental, you get even bigger savings, since the monthly line rental is £14.99. In the package you get 30 MB of broadband internet speeds with an unlimited data cap. You also get around fifty five TV channels and a free 500 GB TiVo box. You get free weekend landline calls as part of the phone package.

Which is the Better Deal?

It's a tough choice, but in the end we're going with TalkTalk's deal. It's a tad more expensive over the course of a year, but you get so many extra features that we think it's worth a little extra cash.