I will soon get Virgin Mobile Pre Paid Wireless Internet. I looked at Verizon's Wireless Internet but Virgin Mobile offers a lot more for the money. I now need to research campsites that offer electricity so I can plug in my laptop. The campsite also needs to be either free or extremely cheap.

Once I have found the appropriate setting I want to set up my Coleman 8 Man tent, put a small sofa inside of the tent (yes it will fit), plug in my laptop, grab an ice cold Fanta Grape soda from my cooler and then get to work writing articles.

I am no win a position where I can camp for extended periods of time. The only thing holding me back is lack of internet and lack of power for my laptop. If I found the right campsite that met my needs I could go to town on my article writing.

I could wake up about 8 in the morning and by 1-3 PM I would be completely done with my upfront pay work. I could then go swimming, fishing, mountain bike riding, or a simple hike. Get back from my recreation and shower up, cook some food up and then settle in to write a lot more web content for InfoBarrel.

I feel in the right location I could easily be pumped up by my surroundings and be in a permanent writing zone for InfoBarrel where the ideas keep flowing faster than my fingers can peck on the laptops keyboard.

Many great authors have lived in a small cabin in the woods or they rent a small cottage near the ocean and then proceed to write some of the best literature of their life. I am not looking to become the next Ernest Hemingway, I simply love to camp and with the right features I could utilize my time and surroundings to write exorbitant amounts of web content. All of my evening writing would be for InfoBarrel and Examiner which means I would have a lot of time available to write for InfoBarrel.

What's cooler than sitting around the campfire writing articles for InfoBarrel and building up a residual income that will benefit me for the rest of my life? Winter is not too far away and I may have to wait until next year to disappear into the woods for a month but I am busy looking online for potential hotspots.

My friends and family could come camping with me on the weekends and then on Monday when they have to pack up and leave I simply stoke the morning campfire, add a new log, and then start writing more articles to earn money with.

This is more than a simple fantasy. This is very feasible and all I need is a place in the woods to set up my tent and hook my laptop into a plug-in.

Writing from a campsite and publishing online using Virgin Mobiles Wireless Internet would be fricken awesome. It would be even cooler if a fellow web content writer was camped next to me and then we could spend some time each day discussing our strategies and sharing hints and tips. Anyone here on InfoBarrel game?