It's coming up to ski season and I'm quite excited for the cold but fun days on the slopes. I'm thinking of taking a ski vacation to Switzerland this year and I've been looking at my options. I'm from Vancouver, and as most of you know the Olympics are taking over Whistler this year. I came across the new addition to Richard Branson's(Of Virgin) collection of owned luxury getaways called The Lodge At Verbier. I've read a lot on the luxury living in Switzerland but this Lodge is now the new king of the castle. If I were to die and be rewarded with Heaven, then I hope this is where I end up!

When Mr. Branson isn't holding down the fort, this one of a kind lodge neslted in the mountain side is open for business. Verbier is a very popular ski town that is fun no matter what time of the year you go, but Winter of course it is in its prime. Virgin's Lodge At The Verbier is one of the few ski-in locations on the mountain and offers the utmost in luxury travel. The chalet is of course open to rental for up to 18 people and comes fully equipped with everything you'd need.

For anywhere around $92,000-161,500, you and 17 guests can rent the chalet for a seven night winter getaway. For most people, rounding up 18 people that can afford that is next to impossible, but for those that can will take advantage of the properties goodies. The chalet boasts an indoor swimming pool, steam rooms, indoor and outdoor hot tubs and its own ice rink! To make sure you're getting your monies worth, you can have parties in the chalet's disco, or catch a live performance from various artists that come there to perform.

I love food and you'll never go hungry with a chef that man's his kitchen 24/7. The dinner's prepared can be trimmed to perfection, or just throw down some burgers and beers, either way is good to the in house chef. After a long day of hitting the slopes, you can come back and enjoy a massage to bring you back to normality. For the women of the house, they can enjoy massage as well as beauty treatments using the finest Yonka products from Paris.

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