Most people who are considering on getting a tattoo often choose to wear their own Zodiac sign. A person can easily identify with his sign and the characteristics that come with it. Zodiac signs are naturally intricate and attractive in designs, which is why they make for an ideal tattoo subject. One of the most interesting tattoo design based on Zodiac signs is a Virgo tattoo design. A Virgo tattoo can be very attractive and appealing. There are plenty of designs to choose from that it is never difficult to choose one that would represent you best.

Virgos are known to be intelligent people. They possess an amazing ability to cope with any kind of difficult circumstances and they know how to get their way through an almost impossible situation. Their way of thinking is always logical and they have very practical views about most things. But they are not known to be showy or expressive of their emotions. They are, however, very particular when it comes to details, which can be a positive trait. But, sometimes, this trait prevents them from sacrificing little things to accomplish bigger achievements. If you want to wear a Virgo tattoo, make sure that it only represents the positive traits of this particular Zodiac sign.

A lot of imagery can be utilized to portray a Virgo tattoo design. The most popular image for the Virgo sign is the virginal maiden. The beauty about this symbol is that it is naturally elaborate and pretty, which makes it a perfect candidate for a tattoo design. For women who want to sport a Virgo tattoo, they can choose to have the maiden figure sketched in delicate design, standing or sitting, graceful yet strong. A simpler tattoo design can made up of the face of a maiden with the word Virgo surrounding it.

The glyph of the Zodiac sign Virgo can bring out a mysterious and unique Virgo tattoo design. The glyph of Virgo is written like a combination of letters M and P. The glyph is usually inked in smaller size so it is perfect for people who don't want an imposing tattoo marking their bodies. Virgo glyph tattoos in men are combined with certain texts as most men find the virginal maiden too feminine. Because a Virgo glyph tattoo is small, it can be placed anywhere, even in the most exposed part of the body, and would still look pleasant.