Is a Virgo compatible with another Virgo when it comes to relationship astrology? What happens when two people of the same star sign get together? Do the similarities act as a glue to bind the two together or does the boredom drive them apart? 

You are a Virgo if you were born between the 20th August and the 20th September. August Virgos usually have a lot of Leo elsewhere in their chart where September Virgos usually have a lot of Libra hiding elsewhere in their chart. This is a general rule only. 

Regardless of whether a person is an August Virgo or a September Virgo some basic relationship traits stay the same. As a general rule, Virgo has tight control of their emotions. They may not get emotional scenes and usually value loyalty, truth and commitment. Virgo would also prefer to be single than be with the wrong person and are one of the most likely zodiac signs to choose to remain single. As a general rule Virgo people value order, punctuality and routine and like to follow a plan rather than wing it. 

The difference between an August Virgo and a September Virgo is that the August Virgo is usually the more outgoing of the two (usually because they have that Leo influence). September Virgo’s are usually the reserved, quieter types. August Virgos are likely to be more spontaneous and express their emotions easier while September Virgos usually have complete control over the emotions they choose to display. With a September Virgo, the emotional response you see may be the complete opposite of the emotion they actually feel. 

So what can you expect when two August Virgos get it together? The positive side is that they will always have something to say to each other as all Virgos are ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication), so you can expect some lively debates. Also these signs will have a lot in common which will help boost any communication required. The issue with two August Virgo’s is that they both want to be the boss in the relationship and may be too proud to reach compromise (thanks to that Leo influence). 

What about two September Virgos? This combination can be tricky as although they have the same thought process and will communicate well, they may never leave the house as they can be too reclusive and get wrapped up in each other. These Virgo’s are usually more reserved and they may have issues expressing their true emotions which may give the relationship a wet blanket sort of feel. Because they are both super critical but have a hidden sensitivity they may get sick of constantly being criticised by the other and seek a more complimentary partner. 

A good way for a Virgo/Virgo partnership to work is for one partner to be a September Virgo and the other an August Virgo. The August Virgo can help bring the reserved September Virgo out of their shell while still appreciating their need for privacy. The September Virgo will be willing to let August Virgo be the boss which avoids the big issue of an August/August partnership. 

In conclusion a Virgo/Virgo relationship has definite potential, although a Taurus or Capricorn match would rate higher on sun sign compatibility. Out of possible Virgo zodiac matches Virgo/Virgo takes third place. 

This article is based on sun sign alone. When it comes to relationship analysis the other planets, aspects on a couples bi-wheel and house placement on a couples composite chart also play a large part.