Running a business is very different from the way it was even ten years ago. Businesses that wish to survive have to protect their bottom line and keep up with the technological advances at the same time. The days of going into an office and putting in the expected nine to five is slowly fading away into the sunset. Today, people are more mobile. Their business could run from their homes, cars, a park, or even from your bed if that's what one would prefer.

Even the way you organize and conduct your business has changed. Years ago, people went into an office, hired an assistant to help them to get their work done. Everybody had to punch a clock or report for duty based on a rigid schedule. Today, many companies use what is called a Virtual Assistant.

What is a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

When you start your business if you are like most, you start off by doing all the work yourself. However, as your business grows you will soon discover that you will have more work than you can handle. In a traditional office you would hire an assistant to help you work your way through the workload, however, today you can hire an assistant through online services to help you get through it all.

When you find a company to help you locate this person you should take caution to make sure this person is a professional assistant that uses modern technology in order to assist you from a remote location. While you may work from your own location a Virtual Assistant will do the same from another remote location. Many VA's are not considered employees but independent contractors and can set their own schedules.

Virtual Assistants are great for getting those tedious little time consuming tasks done. These jobs often distract you from actually doing the business you need to do. VA's can keep your Virtual WorldCredit: www.jmorganmarketing.comcalendar current by scheduling appointments for you, make travel arrangements, create documents, do needed research, and even manage your business websites and social media pages. All of these tasks may not necessarily be difficult but they keep you busy enough that you may not have enough time to actually do the work of your business.

These tasks and many more can be easily outsourced to a VA because they do not require much in the technical field. They are in and of themselves simple tasks that you could do yourself but there are clearly many reasons why you might want to consider taking advantage of a VA.

Why use a Virtual Assistant?

There are two main reasons why you might want to seriously consider using a virtual assistant, to either save time or to save money. When you started your business it is likely because you saw a major profit making potential or you simply loved what you do. However, what usually happens is that once your business starts to take off you find yourself spending more time on the little details rather than on the real reason you opened your doors. Less time to work the business means less profits and in the end you are spending a lot of time spinning your wheels.

Virtual Assistants working from a remote location understand clearly what it means to run a business because they are in business for themselves as well. Utilizing their services saves you from excessive overhead costs that may include rentals, payroll taxes, safety requirements, rental space, utility bills and more. Imagine just how much money you will save when you reduce your overhead and relieve yourself of these additional expenses.

They are also very instrumental in freeing up your time so that you can actually do your business. When you own a business you need to wear many hats but you may not be the best at every job you take on. Delegating tasks that you are not expert at to your VA can free you up to do the things that you are expert in. The end result is that your business will run more smoothly and the work you produce will be of a much higher quality.juggling jobsCredit:

If you are in a small business and you are finding yourself overwhelmed by all the little jobs you have to do, it may be time to seriously consider the value of getting yourself your own Virtual Assistant. The difference between having a business and having a hobby comes down to how much money you make at it. A Virtual Assistant will save you money and free you up to make even more when you utilize their services.

Individuals Using VA's

You do not even have to be a business to make use of a VA.  If you have work that you seem to be getting bogged down with, you can search on the internet to check out what the people with these companies can do to help you with your daily life.  A lot of people will contact the VA companies to help them get things organized in their lives.  If you need help processing How to use VA'sCredit: www.chatbots.orginformation for taxes, you might make use of these services.  If you are unsure of how to do a resume, you will find this a valuable resource.  The assistance you receive from these people and organizations can get you back on track and take a little bit of the stress out of your life.


There are a few words of caution I feel compelled to provide you, whether you are a business or an individual just looking for a little help or organization.  The companies that contract with these VA are not going to be held responsible for what the people do.  They make every attempt to sure up the process and to make sure the VA’s are honest and are able to perform what they proclaim to be able to do.  However, there are some bad apples in every bunch.  You should not provide any information that is personal and cause irreparable harm to you, such as giving your SSN number, passwords, etc.  You should also double check all information that is provided for you.  You can delegate the work to someone but you are responsible for what you use. 


Good luck with all that you have going on in your life.  Go lead that Level 10 Life.  Make today and everyday a great day.    

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