The United Kingdom is home to some of the best and most reliable web hosting companies in the world. The UK is not necessarily the cheapest hosting, you will pay a premium, but the support, uptime and reliability is absolutely fantastic.

You can easily use a shared server based in the United States for a very low cost. HawkHost is a company that provides very cheap hosting and is based in the United States. When it comes time that your now booming website needs a virtual dedicated server then look to a UK based company.

You have an extremely large amount of companies you can choose when looking for a virtual dedicated hosting platform for your active website. There are more than a few hosting options in the UK for virtual dedicated hosting.

Virtual dedicated hosting is an excellent way for someone that needs all the traits of a dedicated server but do not have the experience to manage one or the cash to pay for a fully managed dedicated server.

Even if most of your traffic is coming from the United States you may still want to use a high quality virtual host from the UK. The UK has some of the fastest internet available to most of their citizens. The high speed access as well as the easy availability of their high speed internet mean that per capita, more of their citizens are active on the internet as opposed to the United States. Speeds of 20 MBS are common. Many kids in the UK have not used anything less.

The fast access internet along with the high availability of it means that many of these companies are sprouting up and advancing web hosting to a high level.

HostGator is a popular and cheap choice for web hosting around the world including the United States, but if you are serious about growing your website and you can pump some huge traffic then highly consider going with a UK based virtual dedicated hosting company.

If you read any of the UK based web magazines that you can buy at book retailers such as Barnes and Noble or Hastings, then you have probably n noticed the web hosting ads and the reseller hosting options available. Whether you buy a PhotoShop magazine or any other computer tech related program you can find many ads for hosting options in the UK. Even HostGator advertises in some of the UK magazines. Stay away from HostGator if you want to be took serious. HostGator has a whacked out CHMOD system for your uploads and for other basic stuff you need to email them and have them change it manually. If you need to make a change to your site and are on a deadline you do not have time to wait for HostGator to email you back. Get a real hosting account.

Virtual dedicated hosting is becoming extremely popular, even with smaller websites that have no intention of growing large. If you are looking for a virtual dedicated host consider using a UK based hosting business for your websites.