I recently applied and received the new Visa Black Card. I did have the American Express Centurion card for the past 4 years and traded in the $2,000 yearly fee for the $500 fee with the less exclusive "Platinum card" That said I have been very disappointed with Amex and was very excited to see Visa jump into the game. They have spent a truck load of money telling us how special the card is and teasing us with a limited understanding of the benefits. I have carried a Visa card in some form for the past 25 years and they deliver most of the time, this time they have not..... This card I got is nothing more than a Discover Card with a travel agent. The opening credit line is too low for most business professional. The fee is $495 and the APR is 13 plus percent even with a fico score of over 750. This bank online and on telephony makes you enter your entire SS#, no secure site and mailed me an active replacement card with the same account number as the current card (that I did not request)This is nothing more than a great marketing job by the Barclay bank in Delaware. Good for them, wish I thought of it first.

Bottom Line, I would not recommend the card to anyone who has or had the Amex BLACK or PLATINUM. I'm sure they are a wonderful bank and my call to the customer service agent, although she could not answer any of my questions without reading the script, she was pleasant and kind.

Would love to hear from you...