With the increasing popularity of online shopping these days it is no wonder that more and more people are applying for credit cards. Credit cards allow utmost convenience given their widespread acceptance as a mode of payment. Two great names stand out when talking about credit cards -- Visa and MasterCard. These two card types are accepted worldwide. If you are planning to obtain a card, it is best that you consider one that enjoys not just local acceptance, but a card that you can use in other countries as well. And remember that most online shops are not from your area, so choosing a card that boasts of universal acceptability is of utmost importance.

Worldwide Acceptance

A lot of people are using Visa these days, and the estimated number of Visa cardholders is more than 500 million. This has made Visa branded plastics the most popular in the world. One major reason for this is that Visa credit card offers almost universal acceptability. If the place you are going to accepts credit cards, there is a 99% chance that your Visa card will be accepted. Even the most far-flung or out-of-the-way parts of this world will have at least one store that accepts your card. And each time you obtain a Visa card, you are getting a card that enjoys worldwide acceptance. For more than fifty years Visa has provided the market with reliable payment solutions and useful credit card options, and this has contributed to its popularity to both consumers and merchants around the world.

Advantages of Visa Credit Cards

Visa credit card offers you a lot more than its acceptance and recognition in almost every part of the world. The services they provide their cardholders are at par or better than what are being offered by others in the industry. You can use you credit card to pay almost all your bills. This means less hassles and optimum convenience. You can use your Visa card to pay your monthly bills directly from your account. And Visa affords you state-of-the-art security. In fact it is so reliable that you can even use it to pay your taxes.

Types of Visa Cards

One thing about Visa credit cards is that there are several types available. There is a number of credit card options you can choose from that will fit you and every member of your family. If you want to have a credit card just for grocery or gasoline use, you can avail of the Visa Classic. They even have balance transfer credit cards, like the Low Interest City Platinum Select that has an introductory offer of zero percent APR good for a year. The rate will increase to 10.49% after the introductory period, but it is devoid of annual fees. However, there’s a catch in the zero percent offer. The rate will increase if you fail to pay on the due date. And if the card is used outside the country, you will be charged three percent on the corresponding purchases.

Another balance transfer card is the Chase Platinum credit card, which offers no annual fees and a low introductory APR. It comes with a rewards system based on points. However, once the introductory period has lapsed, your APR would increase to 21.99%. The card offers other restrictions and you are advised to read all the terms and conditions. Discover Platinum credit card, on the other hand, also offers a zero percent APR for the introductory period.  There are no annual fees imposed and it features a cash back reward system.

To wrap it up, a Visa credit card offers you a lot of things from a zero percent APR for balance transfers to worldwide acceptance. What more can you ask for?