Looking for more information on a Visco Elastic Foam Mattress? Visco Elastic Foam is a material that was first developed by NASA to ease the impact of crash landings and G- forces on astronauts; it is also the technical term for "Memory Foam", a material that was popularized by a series of television infomercials in the 1990's and 2000's.

This substance is fire proof and is also known to repel mildew and dust which in turn helps to make the material an undesirable habitat for dust mites and other pests to both breed and proliferate. Memory foam is a popular choice of bedding material for those with sore joints and chronic pain due to the fact that it has an open cell structure that will react to your body's heat and weight by conforming to your every curve and thus will gently align your body's back into its natural and proper position. This will in turn help in relieving uncomfortable pressure points and pressure sores that many people experience from sleeping on traditional box spring mattresses and old fashioned bedding materials.

Memory foam is a cutting edge material that can be found in modern mattress pads, mattress overlays and pillows. These products have been sold in household's world- wide and often are marketed as having both orthopedic and therapeutic benefits. Before Memory Foam was sold to consumers it was first test marketed in hospitals throughout the United States. Patients who used the products generally reported an increased comfort level while sleeping as well as reduced aches and pains throughout the day. Because of the wide spread success of memory foam in its hospital test markets the product was then quickly introduced to consumers as a better alternative then box spring mattress sets for a good night's sleep.

A Memory Foam mattress also has an advantage over box spring mattress sets because they are known to last considerably longer than their traditional counterparts. Light sleepers also report benefits because the mattress will not shift if your partner turns over during their sleep, this dramatically cuts down on unnecessary disturbances that can occur throughout the night. Many companies that sell these types of bedding choices also offer no-obligation trial periods for their products which is a huge benefit before making such an important decision. Also shipping rates for these items have been known to be very reasonable due to the fact that these products can be compressed and made to fit in shipping boxes that are delivered directly to your door. Once unpacked the memory foam products will return to their original shape.

Visco Elastic Foam is an excellent material to consider if in the market for a new mattress. Besides the comfort and pressure point relief that memory foam offers, these mattresses also last on average two to three times longer than traditional box spring mattresses, making them an excellent value for the dollar. There are several well reviewed companies that sell memory foam products and the internet is a great place to start for prices and side by side comparisons. A Visco Elastic Foam Mattress will do wonders for your sleeping patterns.