Vision boards are one of the most popular ways to visualize your goals and motivate yourself. Its popularity is likely a result of its effectiveness. The main concept of a vision board is that a collage is created dedicated solely to your personal goals.

The collage can include pictures, images, phrases, postcards, and any other items that will get you excited about the future. Although vision boards are a great visual method of motivation, there are other alternatives that incorporate the main concept of a vision board.

Here are some simple alternatives to creating a vision board:

Frame It on Your Wall
If a vision board is not visually appealing to you, consider getting collection of picture frames that allow you to frame a lot of pictures. Take a few hours and arrange your goals to fit into the different frames. Make each frame represent a different goal. When the goal is accomplished, then switch the picture out to a newer, more challenging goal. By doing a vision board in this manner you will create a neat and professional looking vision collage that won't be an eyesore hanging up at your desk or on your wall. Not only that, a neat and clutter-free frame can send messages to your subconscious that you are serious about your goals and accomplishing them.

Decorate Your Refrigerator
A lot of people have used pictures on the refrigerator to motivate them to be careful about what they eat. Why not use your refrigerator as a way to motivate yourself visually with other goals as well? Grab nice pictures of your goals and tack them up on your fridge. It is a great place for revisiting your goals as you will likely see them everyday.

Have a Vision Desktop
If you are at your desk most of the day, consider creating a customized desktop that can outline your main goal. Use Google Images to find a high resolution picture that represents your most important goal. Your desktop is a great reminder of your goals because it is the first thing you see when you turn on and off your computer - so you know that you will be faced with your goal at least twice a day.

Organize Your Organizer
Do you carry an organizer with you everywhere? Consider modifying a section of your organizer to accommodate a mini-vision board. This can be an insert usually reserved for business cards where you can insert pictures of your goals instead. Or if you have a bookmark to mark the current date, then consider decorating it with pictures or phrases that will remind you of your goals.

Notebook Makeover
If you are a college student or if you carry a portfolio or notebook around with you often, then consider giving it a vision board makeover. Get some pictures and motivating phrases and cover your notebook so that you will be visually reminded of your goals on a constant basis.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
A great alternative to a vision board is utilizing your most used mirror as a place to post your goals. More than likely you will see your goals first thing in the morning and last thing at night - which is great for reiterating to your subconscious what your goals are. Also, by reviewing your goals first thing in the morning you will motivate yourself right at sunrise, as most people have the most energy right when the wake up - a great way to get pumped for the rest of the day! If you are considering posting your goals on your bathroom mirror, then consider getting the pictures and other items laminated so that they won't warp due to moisture in the air.

Calendar Vision Board Art
If you have a large calendar hanging in your office or at home, consider giving it a vision board makeover. Instead of pictures of landscapes or baby kittens (although they are adorable), decorate a month's picture with your goals. To keep your goals in front of you with each passing month, simply tear out that calendar month when it is over, so that your vision board calendar remains seen through the next month. If this becomes an effective method for you, consider creating a customized calender at a copy center for next year which will result in a professional looking vision board calendar to keep you focused on your goals for the coming year.

Change Your Screensaver
Most screensavers on computers are default screens, why not take pro-active steps to make your screensaver a reflection of your goals? You can easily change the screensaver to have text outlining your goals. Or to motivate yourself visually, consider getting pictures of your goals and having those pictures rotated as your screensaver.

Good Old Fashion Vision Board
There is nothing wrong with motivating yourself visually with a good old fashioned vision board. Make sure that you find eye-popping pictures, phrases, and images that will motivate you to accomplish your goals. Put your vision board in a place where you will see it everyday - even if it's only in passing.