Life is a lot like my carpet. You feel all trampled on but if you look hard enough you can see some fresh spots.

It was a dark night when Visions Of Hunter S. Thompson bounced through my head. Of course when he was younger he did a lot of hard drugs. I am simply intoxicated by the beauty that surrounds me. Look at that carpet. Yeah, it's old but those corners where nobody ever steps look new. What if all my carpet looked new EXCEPT for the corners. That would make people wonder. They'd be thinking something was out of place but not quite sure what.

Life is a lot like my carpet. You feel all trampled on but if you look hard enough you can see some fresh spots. Of course those fresh spots are raring for some action. The bi-monthly vacuuming doesn't cut it.

As I inhale some tetrahyrda cannibonol delta 13 into my lungs my migraine slowly disappears. I think back on to the times when I never had migraines. What if migraines are how god punishes us for not following his word. Maybe when I inhale marijuana smoke it's like entering the garden of Eden. Dang, I got the munchies. I need an apple.

Bicycle HottyApples are the fruit of that bares witness to the juice of life. The juice of life...semen? Maybe I do not want to drink the juice of life after all. Mango juice is real good. Not the fake crap with all he high fructose corn syrup but authentic fresh mango juice. I wonder who drank mango juice first. I wonder about who drank milk for he first time. I can just imagine this guy looking out the window at his cow and saying "ya know, I'm a gonna go try me some of that cow juice". His wife had to be disgusted by his actions.

Why come in the bible we have all of these pages. Don't they have some "Cliff Notes" for the bible. Put it on the back of my toilet and I'd have it memorized in two sittings. I can read on the pot until my leg goes numb. If it's a good book both of my legs and part of my hip goes numb. If the phone rings and I jump up to grab it I collapse.

The food channels fun to watch if I'm hungry. If' I am full all the food looks stupid but when I'm hungry I watch with the eyes of a gorilla in a banana republic store. I am all excited but once I get in I realize it's not exactly what I was looking for. No bananas. Not even a logo of a banana on a undersized polo style shirt.

When I go to bed I think of bicycle touring across the Northern tier towards Maine. Then I cut south and finish in New York City. Along the way I write articles for InfoBarrel. By the time I am done with my bike touring trip I am able to write full time and do 2 bicycle tours a year. In between my bicycle tours I can simply write, give lectures and hang out with my family.

I know in order to do this I must have at least 1,500 keyword rich articles on InfoBarrel. I need this income in order to move to the next level. To break free of the 9-5 chains that hold me to the fort. I have all the tools. I have the vision. I have the plan. Now I just need to work it.

If I viewed my position as an outside looking into my life I would say "damn dude, you can do this". So now as I look to myself to fulfill my goals I can now say"yep, I can definitely do this". And I will. Right after I Vacuum my carpet.