The Missing Virgin Island

Solitude And Serenity Awaits

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Often referred to as the “missing Virgin Island”, Anegada[1] is one of those wondrous forgotten escape destinations that provide absolute anonymity, silence and solitude. Even pirates, buccaneers and seafaring explorers of old had a hard time locating the mystical island. Formed from coral and limestone, the small island is only 30 feet above sea level. Protected by a spectacular horseshoe shaped barrier reef that extends several miles south of the island, the waters surrounding Anegada are teeming with more than their share of shipwrecks. The breathtakingly beautiful reef is the largest in the Caribbean. The reef is a paradise for divers to explore, rich with coral formations and abundant sealife. 

The Tourism Board advises, "Named Anegada or the “Drowned Land” by the Spanish, Anegada is the only coral island in the Virgin Islands’ volcanic chain. Measuring 11 miles by three, its highest point is just 28 feet above sea level."

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Local government officials report that several hundred ships floundered approaching the protected island. To preserve the archeological value of the more than 300 ships that have wrecked on the reef, the BVI Park department prohibits diving in the restricted zone.

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The northernmost of the British Virgin Islands, [2] Anegada presents flats on the south shore that are the habitat of a heavy population of bonefish making Anegada a paradise for fly fishermen. The pristine salt flats on the far western side of the island are the home of immense flocks of Roseate Flamingos. Be sure to bring your camera. Pristine stretches of white sandy beaches are an excellent place to beach comb or just relax and build a sand castle.

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If you are seeking sun and serenity, Anegada offers lush green vegetation, fragrant flowers, swaying palm trees, sparkling turquoise waters, roaming herds of feral cattle, sheep, goats and donkeys and most valued of all, peace and quiet.

Clair Aero, the regional airline, makes regularly scheduled flights from St. Thomas and Virgin Gorda. Budget friendly accommodations are available in quaint hotels, private villas and beach cabanas. If you are a “Connoisseur of the Caribbean”, be sure to include Anegada in your travel plans.

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Flights Are Available From St. Thomas Daily.