Visit Anchorage Alaska

Visiting Alaska should be on everyone's "to do" list. The scenery is outstanding, the waters clear, and well, Alaska is really the only place you can go to see untamed wilderness. Tourists enjoy, whale watching, fishing, hunting, scenic tours, and luxury suites fit for a king, or queen. Anchorage Alaska has been voted an All American City four times, and it is no wonder with all there is to see and do.

Anchorage has a vast amount of activities to fit anyone's tastes. Alaskan's feel the the best way to experience their state is to have your trip planned by them. Seeing that Alaskans' are experts, on living there, many resorts offer planning of a visitors itinerary at no extra cost. Book a flight with Anchorage International Airport as your destination and prepare to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Cruise to AlaskaUpon arriving in Anchorage tourists are amazed by a thriving metropolis nestled in the heart of the Chugach Mountains and the Cook Inlet. Tourists might be shocked to see some of Anchorage's four legged townsfolk. With a diverse wildlife population, it is not uncommon to see, grizzly, black bears and the occasional wayward moose. If you are going to be driving during your stay in Anchorage, Alaska take care to share the road with the native wildlife.

Anchorage is host to an assortment of lodging opportunities. Whether, you need to rent a full home or a single room, Anchorage has the accommodations. Many lodging opportunities will cater to the guest. Kitchens will often cook your catch, or prepare a fine meal from local, fresh ingredients. You may even get some time in the kitchen with a classically trained chef if cooking is your passion. The Alaskan experience is like no other. The local's embrace guests, and welcome them home.

Alaska AirlinesAlaska Airlines offers the largest selection of flights in Alaska as well as returning visitors to the continental United States. Because the airport is a hub of activity Anchorage offers a wide variety of hotels near the airport. Visitors to Alaska will often start and end their trip in Anchorage. It is important to note, many travelers will stay at an airport hotel on the first, or last night of their trip for convenience. There is a Holiday Inn Express located near the airport for value lodging or the Sheraton Anchorage Hotel as a choice for luxury. When planning your Alaska vacation for the summer months rooms tend to fill quickly so book well in advance.

Anchorage Alaska TripFor transportation in Alaska a person can choose to ride by rail, motor-coach, or rental car. Some destinations in Alaska require you to board a flight on a float-plane. If you are traveling to a destination that requires a landing on water you will want to book that flight with Alaska Airlines. Alaska Airlines has the largest fleet of sea-based-aircraft in the world. The company also owns 120 sea plane bases around Alaska so they guarantee to deliver you to your vacation destination.

Alaska is a state with a rich history. Tourists in Anchorage enjoy visiting the Alaska Native Heritage Center, Museum of History and Fine Art, and the Alaska Zoo. If your schedule permits, take a romantic stroll on the coastal trail, and enjoy the beautiful view. Bike rentals are available for those who are pressed for time. Be sure to visit the ACVB Visitor Information Center. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They will be able to tell you about seasonal attractions and activities.

Fishing in AlaskaAnchorage Alaska is a pleasant 66 degrees on average in the summer months. Many people travel to Anchorage during that time to beat the heat in other locations around the world. Alaskan vacation packages will typically be cheaper if you book from September- May. Most people will enjoy their trip more if they plan in those two months of the off season.

If you are in town waiting for a cruise departure a Segway tour given by Segtours of Anchorage is a great way to see the city. The segway's are a blast to ride and the guides know everything about the city and what it has to offer. The tours are reasonably priced and the guide will have you back in time to set sail. Whether you are beginning or ending your Alaska vacation in Anchorage I encourage you to see as much of the city as possible. Diverse cultures and luscious landscapes combine to make one of the most endearing cities in the world.