Many people like to travel south for vacation or buisness trips. However, as a species, our lives are very hectic and we often don't take the time to appreciate the beauty of our world.

When most people travel south for vacations, they often take a plane so they can get to their destination quickly. However, they miss out on what the road has to offer. Instead of flying south, drive, or take a bus. The roads and highways in Mexico are worth the extra effort.

Mexican highways open access to many excellent sites and landmarks while you use them. Most highways in Mexico go by at least one historic landmark or famous location. Many missions and other locations on the mexican roads are interesting to at least see.

Traveling by highway also gives you a fantastic view of the Mexican deserts and the local wildlife. There are creatures living in Mexico that you can't find in the United States and unique plant life as well.

Of course, if you are in a hurry, or are not interested in these things, you could just skip them and take a plane. But you'd be missing out on all that it has to offer. Don't forget your mexico car insurance, you never know when you'll need it.

A beautiful place to visit in Baja California is Loreto. It is just one city in the 1,000 or so miles of Baja California. It's located near the coastal waters of the Sea of Cortez. Drive down the quiet beach roads to discover may great places to stay, eat, and relax your time away. Loreto is full of hotels, including those for the budget or luxury traveler. Once you find a place to stay, you can drive to the beach where you can play in the sun, dive and snorkel, fish or maybe even catch a glimpse of the gray whales if you come to visit between January and March.