Looking for a great Japanese restaurant to visit? There are literally hundreds of places you can go in Oceanside, California. Japanese cuisines are becoming less exotic and more common now a days and choosing just the right one might make your day a little bit more pleasant in the City of Oceanside. In this article I will list my top three Japanese restaurants that tourist will simply fall in love with and will make them an avid sushi fan.

Teri Cafe Teriyaki and Noodle House

          My number one pick as one of the best Japanese restaurant in town simply because their dishes are delicious and nutritious at the same time. Teri's Cafe has everything a Japanese cuisine lover can ask for and more. From their Rainbow Roll which consist of a mixture of crab, tuna, salmon, albacore, ebi, and avocado (it really looks quite colorful like a rainbow), to their plate menu's of chicken & beef teriyaki, chicken and pork cutlet, and vegetable tempura, these dishes are simply amazing. Not a big sushi fan? Try their ramen noodle, udon (thick flour noodles), or soba (buck wheat noodle) and I guarantee you will most likely not go back to dollar noodles such as Maruchan or other cheap noodle soup. The latest dish I really enjoy (which keeps me coming back as a loyal customer) is their yakisoba noodles with chicken teriyaki and sauce. The yakisoba is stir fried to a hot, tasty mix of noodles and vegetables and a side dish of chicken teriyaki grilled to perfection. Add their secret sauce on the chicken teriyaki and it just taste heavenly. If you want to see their plate menus go to www.tericafe.com .

Go Go Japan Sushi & Bento

           Go Go Japan is my number two go to spot when it comes to Japanese cuisines. Great food with great service really go hand in hand. You can pick your favorite sushi on a conveyor belt freshly made by the finest sushi chef. Pull up a chair in their sushi bar section, have a drink and eat your favorite sushi, and watch TV on the flat screen. Customers talk about Go Go Japan's California rolls and miso soup because of their popularity but exotic, never before heard sushis are also in the restaurant's menu such as the Butter fly roll or Monkey Balls.

 Sushi N Joy

          What Sushi N Joy lacks in fancy table, space and décor, the restaurant makes up for its wonderful sushi and chef. The sushi bar is almost always packed and there is hardly any room for other guest. Loyal customers love the Crouching tiger roll or Chirashi bowl but my absolute favorite is their California roll which in my opinion is the best in the city. Some loyal customers receive free treats from the staff such as their delicious rice bean ice cream or an extra serving of fish in their sushi. All in all a great restaurant (when it is not overcrowded with customers).

          If you are ever in the city of Oceanside, these restaurant are very popular and highly recommended. All sushi lovers agree that Teri's Cafe, Sushi N Joy, and Go Go Japan have the best menus in town. Stop by and see for yourself and you too may also find yourself a loyal customer of the Japanese cuisines.