Attractions of Varanasi

Varanasi, an important Hindu pilgrimage city replete with spiritualism, religion and Hindu values, for this reason it has been recognized as the most scared destination in India. For many centuries, Varanasi is visited by innumerable number of devotees for having a traditional experience. There are several exquisitely sophisticated temples, Ashrams and Ghats, related not only with Hinduism but also with Buddhism and Jainism. Additionally, it has archaeological museums at Sarnath housing important relics of the past. Ashoka pillar, the National symbol of India is also a milestone of this scared place that attracts bundle of tourists at its first glance.

Major attractions in Varanasi

The main focusing religious point of Varanasi is the Ganga Ghats (river fronts). It is a 4 km long river front where devotees are totally engaged in performing rituals at the drawn. In addition to its attractions, the Alamgir Mosque attracts hordes of people by its supreme amalgamation of the Hindu and Mughal styles. The Vishwanath temple in this city has a prominent value amongst Hindu worshippers. Some other renowned scared places of Varanasi include Bharat Mata temple, Sankat Mochan temple, Tulsi Manas temple, Durga temple etc. Apart from religious centres, this city houses the Benaras Hindu University, Buddhist Stupas and Bharat Kala Bhavan at Sarnath.

Shopping in Varanasi

Varanasi is largely popular for its silk sarees, an imperative part of Indian bride's trousseau. The art of silk weaving of this place is very exclusive with scores of artists performing antique embroideries on sarees, mostly with gold and silver brocades. Other popular things of Varanasi include spectacular work of wooden toys, brassware, copperware and most importantly, unmatched designing and material of exclusive gold ornaments in Varanasi. Not just all this, markets in Varanasi is flooded with rhythmic musical instruments due to the craze of popular folk art amongst devotees.

Fairs & festivals of Varanasi

Being the oldest holy city in India, it grabs the attention of Lord Shiva’s devotees. For ages, Varanasi has been acknowledged as the melting pot of traditional festivals. The eagerness of Hindu events amongst Indians never seems to end throughout the year. Devotees are thoroughly invited to this spiritual destination in all the months of a year. At this time, Varanasi is being celebrating Holi with attention-grabbing flowers and colours in temples. Local citizens as well as foreigners enjoy a colourful environment everywhere throughout the city at present. Some people are also believed in distributing meals to the poor families for getting lots of blessings.

If you are making a religious tour, no other option can compete with Varanasi trip.