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Whalebone Bay where you can camp overnight free


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This world heritage area covers 2.2 million hectares on the West Australian coast and has a variety of animals, birds, and plants.  The climate and environment have encouraged living fossils to thrive at Hamelin Pool, situated 88 kilometers from the town of Denham.  You can visit this marine and Nature Reserve and see these fossils in the form of stromatolites. 

 The Denham township of Shark Bay is located 831 kilometers north of Perth and the first white man to land on its shores was Dirk Hartog on the Dutch ship Captain in October 1616. In 1699 William Dampier named it Shark Bay because of the abundance of Sharks in the area.  Denham was named after Captain Henry Mangles Denham in 1858 who chartered the whole area of Shark Bay.

Pearling history

Pearling was first started on the shores until the stocks were depleted then they used luggers.  Many divers lost their lives looking for these magnificent pearls. Currently Shark bay thrives from the resources of fishing, pearling, and salt mining and of course tourism.

 No matter where your interests lie Shark Bay can make all your dreams of a great holiday vacation come true. It caters for everyone whether you enjoy swimming; walking along the beach, fishing from the jetties or taking a cruise on one of the many charter boats to catch those big fish I guarantee you will find plenty of things to enjoy every day or night of your stay.

Shark Bay is a friendly town that welcomes its tourists without exorbitant charges.  An added bonus being they don’t appear to enforce too many laws and restrictions on the public tourists either.  You can walk your dog on a lead on most of the beaches and is pet friendly.

 Monkey Mia

One of the main attractions to Money

Mia is feeding the Dolphins they are truly fascinating. Although great care is taken to make sure they are fed only a small portion of their food requirement, ensuring that they still obtain the rest of their food intake naturally.

Other attractions at Money Mia are the camel treks, viewing the pearling operations or taking a wildlife cruise to see the dugongs and many other types of marine life.  You can also spend leisurely hours kayaking, snorkeling swimming or walking along the beaches searching for shells.

If you are feeling hungry you can cook lunch or dinner on the barbecues provided before you take a dip in the artesian hot tub after a game of tennis. Then again you may prefer to enjoy a relaxing massage or take a scenic flight over the area.   

Little Lagoon

After leaving Monkey Mia you can stop off for a swim or try your luck fishing at little lagoon or watch the beautiful wrens hopping through the scrub.

 Ocean Park

Learn more about the local marine life from the guides at Ocean Park, which is seven kilometers from Denham.  This is a manmade lake where they feed the sharks and see the lazy turtles as they swim past the odd pink snapper.  They are fed every hour.


Shark Bay caters for everyone. Stay in one of the many Caravan parks or holiday cottages and the backpackers are offered budget accommodation.  Or if you would rather you can stay at one of the homesteads. There are also four places to free camp which you can choose to stay one night free at one place only which does requires a permit.  

Shell Beach

This beach is literally covered with tiny cockle shells 120km along the coastline. Scientists believe these to be about 4000 years old.  In the past many of these shells were compacted and used on new building blocks. They are also given to chickens in the form of shell grit, which helps produce stronger egg shells.


During the wildflower season between June to October, you will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of flowers lining the roads on the drive into Shark Bay and the town of Denham. This will of course depend on the amount of rainfall during this season.


I would certainly choose Shark Bay as a preferred place to spend my next holiday in preference to Exmouth as they offer more freedom with fewer rules to abide by. And having spoken to many other travelers, they also thought that Shark Bay appeared to do more for the passing traveler for a more carefree holiday and less outlay.

 I am sure that a trip to Shark bay for a relaxing holiday will not disappoint you as long as you are in the mood to chill out and enjoy everything available for your vacation.

We may not all have a large budget for this holiday so here are a few tips to help you save money on this holiday

Visit beautiful Shark Bay in Western Australia

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